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Volume 9, Issue 38, October 2016


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A Novel Cubic Generator Realised by CCIII-based Four Quadrant Analog Multiplier and Divider
Tajinder Singh Arora, R. K. Sharma
Total views: 115
Fault Classification in Mixed Signal Circuits using Artificial Neural Networks
A. Rathinam, S. Vanila, V. Padmanabha Sharma
Total views: 47
FPGA Implementation and Analysis of the Block Cipher Mode Architectures for the PRESENT Light Weight Encryption Algorithm
A. Prathiba, V. S. Kanchana Bhaaskaran
Total views: 27
Uncertain Systems Order Reduction by Modal Analysis Approach
Bogapurapu Gayatri, Kalyana Kiran Kumar, Akella Venkata Santosh Lakshmi
Total views: 48
A Circularly Polarized Ka-Band Antenna for Continuous Link Reception from GSAT-14
S. V. Devika, Sarat K. Kotamraju, K. Ch. Sri Kavy, V. Sudheer Kumar, K. Suhas, K. Vinu, B. Anudeep
Total views: 18
Bulk Arrival, Fixed Batch Service Queue with Unreliable Server and with Compulsory Vacation
R. Kalyanaraman, P. Nagarajan
Total views: 21
Exposing Image Manipulation with Curved Surface Reflection
R. Cristin, V. Cyril Raj
Total views: 34
A Review: Utilization of Waste Energy to Improve the Efficiency of the Systems
Jaykumar H. Patel, M. N. Qureshi, P. H. Darji
Total views: 34
Applications of Machine Learning Techniques in Agricultural Crop Production: A Review Paper
Subhadra Mishra, Debahuti Mishra, Gour Hari Santra
Total views: 48
A New Approach for Optimization of Program Dependence Graph using Finite Automata
Shanthi Makka, B. B. Sagar
Total views: 21
Analysis of Entropy Generation Minimization in Radial Heat Sink
Krishna Kumar Singh, M. K. Sinha
Total views: 51
Performance Analysis of Coded OFDM for Optical Wireless Communication System
T. Deepa, Sophiya Bartalwar
Total views: 21
CFD Analysis of Thermal Performance in Isosceles Right Triangle Rib Roughness on the Absorber Plate Solar Air Heater
Rajeev Ranjan, M. K. Paswan, N. Prasad
Total views: 24
Optimization of Heat Transfer Coefficient during Condensation of Refrigerant inside Plain Horizontal Tube using Teaching-Learning based Optimization Algorithm
Ravindra Kumar, P. Kumar
Total views: 23
Behavior of Search Engines in Popular Queries
Siddharth Ghansela, Ashish Negi
Total views: 506
COBAST: Node Eminence State and Cooperative Bait Strategy based Route Discovery to Prevent Black and Gray Hole Attacks in Mobile Ad hoc Networks
G. Soma Sekhar, E. Sreenivas Reddy
Total views: 25
A Knowledge based Technique for Segmenting Liver using Mathematical Morphology
S. Kiruthika, I. Kaspar Raj
Total views: 20
Fuzzy Logic Control of a Single Stage Boost Inverter for Grid Connected PV Systems
K. V. S. Prasadarao, K. V. Krishnarao, T. Santosh Tej
Total views: 16
Velocity Analysis of a DC Brushed Encoder Motor using Ziegler-Nichols Algorithm: A Case of an Automated Guided Vehicle
Priyam Parikh, Rupesh Vasani, Saurin Sheth
Total views: 73
Effect of Impingement of Particle Velocity, Temperature on the Erosive Wear Behavior of Jute/E-glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Composites
B. Sudhabindu, Md. Abid Ali, C. Udayakiran
Total views: 14
Supply Chain Coordination Models: A Literature Review
Burra Karuna Kumar, Dega Nagaraju, S. Narayanan
Total views: 167
An Efficient Technique to Reduce Average and Peak Power in Scan Based BIST
K. Thilagavathi, S. Sivanantham
Total views: 8
Linearly Polarized Microstrip Planar Filtenna for X and Ku Band Communication Systems
B. T. P. Madhav, G. Sai Gupta, M. Rahul, O. Krishna Lahari, M. Sameera
Total views: 15
Using Coordinate based Mobile Sink Technique to Improve the Performance of Wireless Sensor Network
Gurinder Singh, Manjot Kaur
Total views: 18
The Study of Oxidative Processes in Walnut Fats during Storage
Lyudmila Eliseeva, Peter Gorozhanin, Olga Yurina
Total views: 19
Unique Barcode Identifier for Patient Record using Geographical, Calendar, Time Barcodes with Error Detection
Sathya Sankaran, R. Rajkumar
Total views: 11
A QOS Parameter based Solution for Black hole Denial of Service Attack in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. S. Nagamuthu Krishnan, P. Srinivasan
Total views: 41
Improved Parallel PageRank Algorithm for Spam Filtering
Hema Dubey, Nilay Khare, K. K. Appu Kuttan, Shreyas Bhatia
Total views: 37
Crossbreed Energy Resourceful Layering Protocol for Lifespan Augmentation in Wireless Sensor Networks
A. Karthikeyan, T. Shankar
Total views: 13
Effective Compressive Sensing for Clustering in Wireless Sensor Networks
Gaurav Kumar Nigam, Chetna Dabas
Total views: 106
Analysis of Autoregressive Predictive Models and Artificial Neural Networks for Irradiance Estimation
Mauricio Mauledoux, Oscar Aviles, Edilberto Mejia-Ruda, Oscar I. Caldas
Total views: 36
SWOT Analysis of Ontology Driven Software Engineering
M. P. S. Bhatia, Akshi Kumar, Rohit Beniwal
Total views: 32
Recognition of Anger, Irritation and Disgust Emotional States based on Similarity Measures
Hemanta Kumar Palo, Jyoti Mohanty, Mihir Narayan Mohanty, Mahesh Chandra
Total views: 56
Hindi Vowel Classification using QCN-PNCC Features
Shipra, Mahesh Chandra
Total views: 14
High Performance Design of Elgamal Cyrptographic Algorithm using Vedic Mathematics
S. Leonard Gibson Moses, S. Ganesan, C. Vimala, I. Rabiya Begam, M. Nivetha Priya
Total views: 16
FTCI: A Tool to Identify Failure Triggering Combinations for Interaction Testing
Manuj Aggarwal, Sangeeta Sabharwal, Sunchit Dudeja
Total views: 32
PSO Tuned Fractional Order PI Controller for Improvement of Transient Stability Improvement in Multi Machine Power System
R. S. Srinivas, P. V. Ramana Rao
Total views: 28
Prediction of Crop Yield using Regression Analysis
V. Sellam, E. Poovammal
Total views: 16
Mitigating Distributed Denial of Service Attack in Cloud Computing Environment using Threshold based Technique
Nitesh Bharot, Priyanka Verma, Veenadhari Suraparaju, Sanjeev Gupta
Total views: 41
Wireless Sensor Network: A Bibliographical Survey
Husna Jamal Abdul Nasir, Ku Ruhana Ku-Mahamud
Total views: 198
Performance Analysis of Different Classification Algorithms in Information Retrieval through Web Services
Amandeep Kaur, Rachna Soni
Total views: 25
A Novel Compact CPW- Fed Polarization Diversity Dual Band Antenna using H-Shaped Slots
Asa Jyothi, B. T. P. Madhav, M. Deepthi, C. Sindhoora, V. Jayanth
Total views: 18
Speed of Adjustment and Financial Constraints: Evidence from the UK
Hafezali Iqbal Hussain, Mohd Farid Shamsudin, Noor H Jabarullah, Milad Abde lnabi Salem, Fekri Ali Shawtari
Total views: 19
Frequent Pattern Technique using Federation Rule Mining
T. Nusrat Jabeen, M. Chidambaram
Total views: 23
Assessment of Textural Properties of Brown Rice based Ready to Eat Extrudate Snacks Blended with Water Chestnut and Safed Muesli Powder
Varsha Kanojia, Mohan Singh
Total views: 16
Succession of States Mathematical Algorithm for Incorporation of Unit Operation in iCON® Process Simulator Applied in Natural Gas Purification
S. S. M. Lock, K. K. Lau, Irene Lock Sow Mei, A. M. Shariff, Y. F. Yeong
Total views: 19
A Survey on Crypt- Algorithms in Voting System
P. Ashok, P. Annadurai, R. Lavanya, P. Raghuvara Pandian
Total views: 21
Studies of Two Important Stability Indices of Earth’s Atmosphere Determined by using the COSMIC GPS Radio Occultation Technique
R. Mastanaiah, P. S. Brahmanandam, G. Uma, A. Narendra Babu, K. Krishna Reddy
Total views: 131
An Efficient Route Selection based on AODV Algorithm for VANET
Nassir Sallom Kadhim, Muamer N. Mohammed, Mazlina Abdul Majid, Sinan Q. Mohamd, Hai Tao
Total views: 27
Frequent Pattern to Promote Sale for Selling Associated Items for Recommender in e-Commerce
Young Sung Cho, Song Chul Moon
Total views: 15
Novel Metamaterial Loaded Multiband Patch Antenna
B. T. P. Madhav, M. Manjeera, M. S. Navya, D. Sharada Devi, V. Sumanth
Total views: 12
A Mini Review of Functional Proteins in Silkworm Bombyx mori L Haemolymph
G. Mallikarjun, N. K. Neetha, B. Manjunatha, V. Sivaprasad, V. Shyam Kumar
Total views: 18
The Effects of Magnetically Coupled Bidirectional Battery Charger and its Performances
A. Ananthi Christy, R. Brindha, P. Ajay D. Vimal Raj, S. Rajasomashekar, P. U. Poornima, C. Sujitha
Total views: 15
Measuring Service Quality Dimension of Mobile Service Provider by University Student’s Perspective in Indian Scenario - A Structural Equation Model (SEM) Approach
S. T. Surulivel, S. Selvabaskar, R. Alamelu, L. Cresenta Shakila Motha, R. Amudha
Total views: 12
Low Complexity Iterative Piece-Wise Companding Transform for Reduction of PAPR in MIMO OFDM Systems
T. Ramaswamy, K. Chennakesava Reddy
Total views: 106
Performance and Emission Characteristics of Diesel Engine Fueled with Mahua Oil Methyl Ester Blended Diesel with Methanol Additives
V. Mathan Raj, L. R. Ganapathy Subramanian, G. Manikandaraja, Rahul Kumar Tiwari, Sanat Kumar
Total views: 13
On Certain New Classes of Functions with Fixed Point Defined by Generalized Differential Operator
Anas Aljarah, Maslina Darus
Total views: 18
Examining the Antecedents of Social Media user Gratification among High School and Undergraduate Students
Salini Rosaline, S. Jothi, J. Reeves Wesley
Total views: 55
Fuzzy-based Strategy for Voltage and Reactive Power Scheduling
S. Rajasomashekar, A. Ananthi Christy, P. U. Poornima, R. Brindha, C. Sujitha, H. Bharath Varma, Arul Mecloy Lobo
Total views: 21
A Study of Security and Privacy Issues at Service Models of Cloud Computing
Vaishali R. Thakare, K. John Singh
Total views: 125
Technoeconomic Evaluation of Solar Thermal Power Generation in India
Dipen Paul, D. Devaprakasam, Ravi Sharma, Aakanksha Dharmik
Total views: 15
Performance of Concrete Containing Granulated Blast Furnace Slag as a Fine Aggregate
Ch. Srinivasarao, S. S. Asadi, M. Kameswararao
Total views: 26
Single Stage Multi Input DC-DC/AC Boost Converter with Sliding Mode Control
K. Mohan Raj, Gorla Narayana Mohan, Subhransu Sekhar Dash
Total views: 28
Optimal Placement of DG Based On Voltage Stability Index and Voltage Deviation Index
S. Vidyasagar, K. Vijayakumar, D. Sattianadan, S. George Fernandez
Total views: 20
Multi-Unit Feature Level Fusion Approach Using PPCA
A. Alice Nithya, C. Lakshmi, Jitesh Anand, Nitish Sekar
Total views: 8
Mathematical Modeling of the Squirrel Cage Induction Generator based Wind Farm for Sub-Synchronous Resonance Analysis
Parol Anusri, K. C. Sindhu
Total views: 21
Analysis of Data Mining Techniques for Weather Prediction
Fahad Sheikh, S. Karthick, D. Malathi, J. S. Sudarsan, C. Arun
Total views: 23
Analyzing Reliability of Tamil Nadu Power Grid for the Year 2015 using Wasp-IV
Booma Jayapalan, Karunanithi Kandasamy, Mahadevan Krishnan, Kannan Subramanian
Total views: 12
Design of PLL based Frequency Synthesizer using Harmonic Extraction Techniques
Rituparna Bhowmick, J. Manjula
Total views: 9
A Control Methodology of Bidirectional Converter for Grid Connected Systems
Sarat Kumar Sahoo, Dhaval Patel, M. Balamurugan, Ashwin Kumar Sahoo
Total views: 17
Specific Absorption Rate Analysis of Aperture Coupled Antenna for Wireless Body Area Network Applications
G. Santhosh Kumar, S. Bashyam, B. Ramachandran
Total views: 77
Efficient Feature Extraction for Fear State Analysis from Human Voice
Palo Hemanta Kumar, Mihir N. Mohanty
Total views: 19
Implementation of FPGA based DPWM-Digital PI Closed Loop Controller for Voltage Regulation
Prathap Joseph Anthony, T. S. Anandhi, T. S. Sivakumaran
Total views: 12
Recent Approaches for VoIP Steganography
Ahmed Hussain Ali, Mohd Rosmadi Mokhtar, Loay Edwar George
Total views: 63
Development of Exterior Wall Painting Robot
T. S. Mohammad Zaid, A . Arockia Selvakumar
Total views: 26
High Efficiency Tracking Scheme for Magnetic Resonance based Wireless Power Transfer System
R. Narayanmoorthi, A. Vimala Juliet, Omkar Mohapatra, A. Dominic Savio
Total views: 18
H-D and Subspace Clustering of Paradoxical High Dimensional Clinical Datasets with Dimension Reduction Techniques – a Model
S. Rajeswari, M. S. Josephine, V. Jeyabalaraja
Total views: 13
Critical Heart Condition Analysis through Diagnostic Agent of e-Healthcare System using Spectral Domain Transfom
Sarangi Lokanath, Mohanty Mihir Narayan, Pattnaik Srikanta
Total views: 16
Novel Adaptive Whale Optimization Algorithm for Global Optimization
Indrajit N. Trivedi, Jangir Pradeep, Jangir Narottam, Kumar Arvind, Ladumor Dilip
Total views: 14
Indoor Robot Localisation using Kalman Filter
Manasee, P. Sudheesh, M. Jayakumar
Total views: 105
Voltage Stability Assessment using Artificial Neural Networks
K. Selvakumar, C. S. Boopathi, M. Sri Harsha
Total views: 16
The Effect of Technology, Organization Factors on E-Commerce Adoption among Palestinian SMEs
Fadi Herzallah, Muriati Mukhtar
Total views: 47
An Efficient Adaptive System Identification Technique Based on Wind Driven Optimization Method
Rashmi Sinha, Arvind Choubey, Santosh Kumar Mahto
Total views: 18
A Unified Seamless Transfer Control Scheme for Grid-Connected and Islanding Modes of Operation of Grid- Connected PV System
I. Sindhuja, Y. Kusuma Latha, V. Aparna
Total views: 11
Technical and Economic Feasibility study on Repowering of Wind Farms
Anish Paul, T. Prabu
Total views: 8
Power System Stability for the Islanding Operation of Micro Grids
Samia, Sharma Kamal Kant, Kaur Inderpreet, Singh Balwinder
Total views: 14
Customized M-clustering Algorithm Comparison with Clustering Algorithms in Data Mining with the Case Study of Lead Generation Techniques
E. Manigandan, V. Shanthi, Magesh Kasthuri
Total views: 22
A Novel Optimization Technique for Combined Economic and Emission Dispatch Problem considering Congestion Management
A. Ananthi Christy, K. Balamurugan, P. Ajay D. Vimal Raj, S. Rajasomashekar, Kolla Srikanth, Arul Mecloy Lobo
Total views: 26
Orbital Cold Forming Technology - Combining High Quality Forming with Cost Effectiveness - A Review
S. P. Sundar Singh Sivam, V. G. Uma Sekar, Avishek Mishra, Arpan Mondal, Shubham Mishra
Total views: 22
Grid Connected Solar Microinverter with interleaved Flyback Converter
V. Jaikrishna, Subhranhsu Sekhar Dash, Linss T. Alex
Total views: 18
Performance Evaluation of Fuzzy DTC based PMSM for Pumping Applications
V. K. Arun Shankar, S. Umashankar, S. Paramasivam
Total views: 22
High-Speed Detection with Avalanche Photodiode in Optical Interleave Division Multiple Access Scheme
S. K. Sriwas, M. Shukla, R. Asthana, J. P. Saini
Total views: 58
Design and Development of Linear Velocity Measurement System using Texas Instruments Hall Effect Sensor DRV5023-Q1 and Microcontroller MSP430G2553
G. Sreenivasulu, K. Raghavendra Rao
Total views: 22
Formal Model and Implementation of NSSA
Pardeep Bhandari, Manpreet Singh
Total views: 5
A Novel Method of Equivalencing DFIG based Wind Farm for Stability Studies
D. Maharajan, R. P. Kumudinidevi, V. Preethakumari, C. Selvendiran
Total views: 6



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