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Indian Journal of Science and Technology is the leading open-access journal, providing a platform for publishing innovative and research articles. As an open access journal, articles in Indian Journal of Science and Technology will always be freely available online and readily accessible. This means that your work will be recognized and can be searched in Google Scholar.
Indian Journal of Science and Technology is the leading open-access journal, providing a platform for publishing innovative and research articles. As an open access journal, articles in Indian Journal of Science and Technology will always be freely available online and readily accessible. This means that your work will be recognized and can be searched in Google Scholar.

Volume 7, Issue 10, October 2014


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Design of Harvesting Mechanism for Advanced Remote-controlled Coconut Harvesting Robot (A.R.C.H-1)
Anoop Abraham, M. Girish, H. R. Vitala, M. P. Praveen 1465-1470
Total views: 528
Variability in Wild Pomegranate (Punica Granatum L.) Population from Ganderbal and Budgam Districts of Kashmir Valley
Imtiyaz A. Wani, M. Y. Bhat, Shaiq A. Ganai, Abid A. Lone, Aarifa Jan, M. M. Mir 1471-1474
Total views: 187
Evaluating the Bioavailability of Calcium Phosphate Nanoparticles as Mineral Supplement in Broiler Chicken
M. P. Vijayakumar, V. Balakrishnan 1475-1480
Total views: 162
Critical Scrutiny of the Visualization and Detection of Oral Potentially Malignant Disorders by Chemiluminescent Illumination
Subashini Suyambukesan, Gopuchandran Lenin Perumal, S. Shanmugam, Vishwanath Rangdhol 1481-1487
Total views: 120
Daily Suspended Sediment Load Estimation by Meta-heuristic Optimization Approaches and Fuzzy-C-means Clustering Method (Case Study: Siera Hydrometry Station - Karaj River)
Mahmoodreza Tabatabaei, Karim Solaimani, Mahmoud Habibnejad Roshan, Ataollah Kavian 1488-1497
Total views: 181
Prediction of Chances - Diabetic Retinopathy Using Data Mining Classification Techniques
K. R. Ananthapadmanabhan, G. Parthiban 1498-1503
Total views: 54
Potato Crop Growth and Yield Response to Different Levels of Nitrogen under Chhattisgarh Plains Agro-climatic Zone
Sanjana Banjare, Gaurav Sharma, S. K. Verma 1504-1508
Total views: 110
By-catch Landing of Lambis Gastropods in Gulf of Mannar Coast,Tamil Nadu
Lidwin Annamary, J Mohanraj 1509-1512
Total views: 89
Enhancement of Power System Dynamic Performance Using Coordinated Control of Facts Devices
Reza Sedaghati, Khodakhast Isapour, Mohammad Bagher Haddadi, Navid Mehdizadeh Afroozi 1513-1524
Total views: 52
Design of a Probabilistic Based Software Tool for Evaluating Controllability, Observability and Testability Models of Digital Systems
A. Ahmad, M. A. K. Rizvi, A. Al-Lawati, D. Al-Abri, M. Awadalla 1525-1537
Total views: 76
Water Use Efficiency of Drip Fertigated Sweet Pepper under the Influence of Different Kinds and Levels of Fertilizers
Roma Kumari, Arun Kaushal, K. G. Singh 1538-1543
Total views: 65
Correcting Loose Connections in Distribution Networks from Two Perspectives: Loss Reduction and Power Outage
Mehdi Izadi, Farzad Razavi, Ardalan Najafi 1544-1550
Total views: 134
Serum Tissue Non Specific Alkaline Phosphatase Isoenzyme Level and Severity of Chronic Periodontitis
Gopu Chandran Lenin Perumal, R. Mythili, Senthil Kumar, Subashini Suyambukesan 1551-1554
Total views: 92
Evaluation of Rice Genetic Diversity and Variability in a Population Panel by Principal Component Analysis
Vishnu Varthini Nachimuthu, S. Robin, D. Sudhakar, M. Raveendran, S. Rajeswari, S. Manonmani 1555-1562
Total views: 69
Numerical Computation of 3-dimensional Supersonic Flow Field over Seamless Missiles
Hussain H. Al-Kayiem, Ahmed K. Hussein, Jalal M. Jaleel, Salam H. Hussain 1563-1572
Total views: 114
Trend and Change Point Detection of Precipitation in Urbanizing Districts of Uttarakhand in India
G. Pranuthi, S. K. Dubey, S. K. Tripathi, S. K. Chandniha 1573-1582
Total views: 89
On Quasisymmetric Space
P. Sumati Kumari, Ch. V. Ramana, Kastriot Zoto 1583-1587
Total views: 27
Facies Analysis, Depositional Environment and Cyclostratigraphy of the Lower Permian Deposits Chili formation in the Kalmard Block, East Central Iran (godar-e-gachal Section)
Javad Shahraki, Reza Mousavi Harami, Assadollah Mahboubi, Davoudjahani 1588-1602
Total views: 28
Computer-based Database System: Rapid Response for Rural Planning Agencies to Devise Transport Policies
Mir Aftab Hussain Talpur, Imtiaz Ahmed Chandio, Irfan Ahmed Memon, Taufiq Ahmed Qureshi 1603-1612
Total views: 137
Temperature Selective Based Locomotive Water Dispenser
Surender Dhanasekaran, Sasikala Guruswamy, Karthi Ramachandran, Selvanathiya Subbiah, Sivaraj Panneerselvam 1613-1617
Total views: 158
Defense against SYN-flooding Attacks by Using Game Theory
Sara Abbasvand, Seyyed Nasser Seyyed Hashemi, Shahram Jamali 1618-1624
Total views: 52
Studies on a Fibrinolytic Enzyme from Bacillus Species
Rajani Gopal Gad, S. Nirmala, S. Narendar Sivvaswamy 1632-1642
Total views: 28
An Efficient Indexing Approach to Find Quranic Symbols in Large Texts
Vahid Rafe, Morteza Nozari 1643-1649
Total views: 18
Morphometric Analysis for Prioritization Using Remote Sensing and GIS Techniques in a Hilly Catchment in the State of Uttarakhand, India
Deepak Khare, Arun Mondal, Prabash Kumar Mishra, Sananda Kundu, Pramod Kumar Meena 1650-1662
Total views: 13
Reliable Adaptive Controller for Uncertain System: An LMI Approach
Anahita Ghasemi, Ali Abootalebi, Mohammad Mesbah 1663-1673
Total views: 17
Performance Evaluation of Web-services Classification
A. Syed Mustafa, Y. S. Kumaraswamy 1674-1681
Total views: 47
Optimum Feeder Routing and Distribution Substation Placement and Sizing Using PSO and MST
Ihsan Jabbar Hasan, Chin Kim Gan, Meysam Shamshiri, Mohd Ruddin Ab Ghani, Rosli Bin Omar 1682-1689
Total views: 26
On the Use of Economical Theories and Metrics to Design an Intelligent Active Queue Management in the Internet
Shahram Jamali, Bita Alipasandi, Vahid Rafe 1690-1698
Total views: 25
Development Seismic Design of Steel Moment Frames and the Evaluation by Energy Spectrum Method
M. R. Banihashemi, a. Mirzagoltabar, H. Tavakoli 1699-1711
Total views: 21
A Link-click-concept Based Ranking Algorithm for Ranking Search Results
S. Geetha Rani, M. Sorana Mageswari 1712-1719
Total views: 23



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