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Volume 8, Issue 19, August 2015


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Numerical Estimation of the Fundamental Frequency of Improved Sites with Stone Columns
Masoud Motalebian, Masoud Hajialiliue Bonab, Mohamma Davoudi
Total views: 176
Cascaded Multilevel Inverter of 11 Levels for RL Load with Reduced Distortion
A. Santhi Mary Antony
Total views: 18
Performance Evaluation of Basic Compression Methods for Different Satellite Imagery
Sanjith Sathya Joseph, Ganesan Ramu
Total views: 16
Survey on Energy Saving Methods for Green Communication Network
J. Premalatha, U. Anitha, V. Manonmani, P. Ganesan
Total views: 20
VLSI based Design of an Efficient Hybrid Watermarking Scheme for Multimedia Content Protection
V. Nanammal, B. M. Abirami, J. Venugopalakrishnan
Total views: 28
Effect of Seaweed Saps Kappaphycus alvarezii and Gracilaria on Growth, Yield and Quality of Rice
N. Leindah Devi, S. Mani
Total views: 27
Acid, Alkali and Chloride Resistance of High Volume Fly Ash Concrete
Sanjukta Sahoo, B. B. Das, A. K. Rath, B. B. Kar
Total views: 78
Case Study on Efficient Android Programming Education using Multi Android Development Tools
Hwansoo Kang, Jinhyung Cho
Total views: 60
Suggesting a Method to Improve Encryption Key Management in Wireless Sensor Networks
Mehrnoush Toghian, Matei Ciobanu Morogan
Total views: 70
An Analysis of the Effects of Quality Features of Bank Natural Customers in their Credit Rating, using Neural Network and Fuzzy Inference System
Zahra Mahdianfar
Total views: 67
Determining Pavement Layers Thickness and Moduli According to Non-Destructive Testing and Back Analysis (Case Study: Azadegan Freeway-Tehran)
Reza Jafari Zave
Total views: 46
Relationship between Balance and Isokinetic Strength of Ankle Joint by Playing Position of Elite Female Field Hockey Players
Kim Tae-Gyu, Park Jong-Chul
Total views: 121
Effect of Some Bacteria and Iron Chelators on Potato Colonization by Arbuscular Mycorrhiza Fungi Inoculated by Rhizoctonia
Ali Baradar, Roohallah Saberi-Riseh, Ebrahim Sedaghati, Abdolreza Akhgar
Total views: 42
Performance Analysis of SOFM based Reduced Complexity Feature Extraction Methods with back Propagation Neural Network for Multilingual Digit Recognition
John Sahaya Rani Alex, Ajinkya Sunil Mukhedkar, Nithya Venkatesan
Total views: 61
High Performance Broadband Polarizer for KA Band Applications
M. Richitha, V. Senthil Kumar, Ravi Prakash Dwivedi
Total views: 223
Internet based Smart Poultry Farm
K. Sravanth Goud, Abraham Sudharson
Total views: 50
Securing Digital Holographic Complex Information using Double Random Phase Fresnel Plane Encoding and Diffie-Hellman Key Exchange
Aswathy Sankaran, Praveen Phinehas, Anith Nelleri
Total views: 75
Identify and Rank the Factors Affecting the Willingness of Workers to Entrepreneurship in the Copper Industry with AHP Approach - A Review
Somayeh Akhavan Darabi, Mohammadreza Akhbarieh, Laleh Abbaslu, Mojgan Hamidi Beinabaj, Mohammadali Zare
Total views: 38
Designing Goal Model for Autonomic Control Point of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS)
Jeongmin Park, Seunghwa Lee, Taebok Yoon
Total views: 38
Smart Battery Management System with Active Cell Balancing
G. Krishna Teja, S. R. S. Prabhaharan
Total views: 48
Quantitative Analysis and Evaluation of RPL with Various Objective Functions for 6LoWPAN
Rahul Sharma, T. Jayavignesh
Total views: 79
Smart Power Monitoring and Control System through Internet of things using Cloud Data Storage
Putta Sindhuja, M. S. Balamurugan
Total views: 47
Design and Simulation of Internal Model Controller for a Real Time Nonlinear Process
M. Kalyan Chakravarthi, Pannem K. Vinay, Nithya Venkatesan
Total views: 66
An Intelligent Embedded Diagnostic System on CAN Protocol to Avoid Rear-End Collision of Vehicles
Pradhan Suvendu Kedareswar, Venkatasubramanian Krishnamoorthy
Total views: 40
Real Time Implementation of Speaker Recognition System with MFCC and Neural Networks on FPGA
Bhanuprathap Kari, S. Muthulakshmi
Total views: 46
Built-In Self Test and Self-Repairing Circuit for Array Multipliers
Jins Alex, S. Umadevi
Total views: 34
Effect of Electroplated Gold Film on the Performance of a Piezoresistive Accelerometer with Stress Concentrated Tiny Beams
R. Navya Sri, S. Vetrivel, Ribu Mathew, A. Ravi Sankar
Total views: 63
Embedded Control Scheme of Stand-Alone Regenerative Braking System using Supercapacitors
Sneha Mohan Patil, S. R. S. Prabaharan
Total views: 103
Implementing and Optimizing Template Matching Techniques for Home Automation
Edwin Jose Kundukulam, Abraham Sudharson
Total views: 51
EnBloAES: A Unified Framework to Preserve Confidentiality of Data in Public Cloud Storage
R. Kalaichelvi, L. Arockiam
Total views: 35
An Innovative and Effective Approach for Sclera Detection
S. Athira, Shilpa Gopal, Shilpa Gopal, G. H. Gowri Krishna, Shriram K. Vasudevan, Gowri Krishna GH
Total views: 25
Analysis of TCP-unfairness from MAC Layer Perspective in Wireless Ad-hoc Networks
J. Govindarajan, G. Anusuya Devi, G. Kousalya
Total views: 35
Acculturation, Perceived Discrimination and Depression among Korean Nurses in the United States
Young-Mi Jung, Heeyoung Lee
Total views: 16
FPGA Implementation of Hiding Information using Cryptography
P. T. Thasneem Salim, T. Vigneswaran
Total views: 18
Design and Implementation of a Generic CORDIC Processor and its Application as a Waveform Generator
V. Soumya, Raghavendra Shirodkar, A. Prathiba, V. S. Kanchana Bhaaskaran
Total views: 10
Self-Differentiation, Family Functioning, Life Satisfaction and Attitudes towards Marriage among South Korean University Students
Hyun-Sil Kim, Young-Mi Jung
Total views: 12
Framework Development in Home Automation to Provide Control and Security for Home Automated Devices
J. Arunvivek, S. Srinath, M. S. Balamurugan
Total views: 22
Effect of Doping Concentration on the Performance of a Thermally Actuated MEMS Resonator using Piezoresistive Readout
P. A. Ajeesh, Ribu Mathew, A. Ravi Sankar
Total views: 16
Canonic Signed Digit Recoding based RISC Processor Design
Ajintha Elsa Abraham, N. R. Sangeetha, P. Reena Monica
Total views: 17
A Low Power Multiplier using a 24-Transistor Latch Adder
Savio Victor Gomes, P. Sasipriya, V. S. Kanchana Bhaaskaran
Total views: 14
Miniatured Phase Shifter
Snehanshu Sengupta, K. Usha Kiran
Total views: 25
Video Headend Video Quality Monitoring Solution
Sourav Mitra, M. S. Ranjitha, V. Ravi
Total views: 20
Influence of Academic Resilience, Self-efficacy and Depression on College Life Adjustment in Korea's Nursing College Students
Weon-Hee Moon, Myoung-Jin Kwon, Kil-Soo Chung
Total views: 10
Design of BIST using Self-Checking Circuits for Multipliers
Nishant Govindrao Pandharpurkar, V. Ravi
Total views: 9
A Real-Time Routing Protocol with Controlled Dissemination of Data Queries by Mobile Sink in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ramya Teja Mikkili, Jayavignesh Thyagarajan
Total views: 18
IoT Based iPower Saver Meter
Nitin Sinha, John Sahaya Rani Alex
Total views: 14
EKG/ECG based Driver Alert System for Long Haul Drive
Riya Roy, K. Venkatasubramanian
Total views: 13
Performance Analysis of Real Time Operating System with General Purpose Operating System for Mobile Robotic System
Akhilesh Murikipudi, V. Prakash, T. Vigneswaran
Total views: 15
Power System Performance Enhancement through Compensation Techniques
C. Palanichamy, Wong Yi Chyn, Cassandra
Total views: 16
A Wireless Framework for Automotive Monitoring Systems
T. Sri Jnana Sagar, M. S. Balamurugan, J. Arun Vivek
Total views: 13
Convergence Strategies for Spatial Data Industry based on Industry Value Chain Analysis
Jongho Kim
Total views: 7
VLSI Architecture for Broadband MVDR Beamformer
N. Hema, Jayaraj U. Kidav, B. Lakshmi
Total views: 17
Design of Fused Add-Multiply Operator using Modified Booth Recoder for Fast Arithmetic Circuits
Jonnalagadda Raghavendra, T. Vigneswaran
Total views: 14



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