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Volume 8, Issue 16, July 2015


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An Analysis on TCP Packet Reordering Problem in Mobile Ad-Hoc Network
J. Govindarajan, N. Vibhurani, G. Kousalya
Total views: 129
Optimizing Cloud Bandwidth and Cost using Content Aware Chunk Prediction to Improve Efficiency of Retrieval
R. Josephine Grace Rexilla, P. Shanthi
Total views: 7
Design and Analysis of High Gain, Low Power and Low Voltage a-Si TFT based Operational Amplifier
G. Prabhakaran, V. Kannan
Total views: 25
Information Extraction in Unstructured Multilingual Web Documents
Kolla Bhanu Prakash, M. A. Dorai Rangaswamy, T. V. Ananthan, V. N. Rajavarman
Total views: 20
An Enhanced Travel Package Recommendation System based on Location Dependent Social Data
C. Abilash Reddy, V. Subramaniyaswamy
Total views: 20
Performance Analysis of Cooperative Spectrum Sensing Technique for Low SNR Regime over Fading Channels for Cognitive Radio Networks
G. Padmavathi, S. Shanmugavel
Total views: 19
Improving Response Time of Web Service Composition based on QoS Properties
Marzieh Karimi, Faramarz Safi
Total views: 40
Intelligent Video QoE Prediction Model for Errorprone Networks
P. M. Arun Kumar, S. Chandramathi
Total views: 47
Relation between Financial Flexibility and Probability of Default: KMV Model
Mehrdad Ghanbari, Farhad Shahveisi, Farshid Kheirollahi, Ava Kabiribalajadeh
Total views: 34
Generation of Symbols on Primary Flight Display and Its Validation under Host Environment
N. Amali Aarthy, R. Ezhilrasie
Total views: 25
Message Passing in Clusters using Fuzzy Density based Clustering
M. Suganya, S. Nagarajan
Total views: 34
A Framework for Generation of RDF Data from HTML
Arup Sarkar, Subha Koley, Ujjal Marjit, Utpal Biswas
Total views: 59
A Naïve Bayesian Classifier for Educational Qualification
S. Karthika, N. Sairam
Total views: 21
Analysis and Enhancement of Speed in Public Key Cryptography using Message Encoding Algorithm
D. I. George Amalarethinam, J. Sai Geetha, K. Mani
Total views: 21
Smart Control of Traffic Signal System using Image Processing
V. Parthasarathi, M. Surya, B. Akshay, K. Murali Siva, Shriram K. Vasudevan
Total views: 39
Designing 3D Semantic Model in LOD4 to Simulate Building Utility Network
Javad Sadidi, Maryam Talebzadeh, Hani Rezaian, Parviz Zeaiean firouzabadi
Total views: 39
Modified Speed Sensor-less Grid Connected DFIG based WECS
Subir Datta, J. P. Mishra, A. K. Roy
Total views: 18
Performance of Exotic Sweet Orange (Citrus sinensis Osbeck) Cultivars on Different Rootstocks under North Western India
Tanjeet Singh Chahal, P. P. S. Gill
Total views: 17
A Novel Reversible Steganography Method using Dynamic Key Generation for Medical Images
Nawlesh Kumar, V. Kalpana
Total views: 8
A Review on Dust Particle Image Analysis in Dusty Plasma
Anand Kumar
Total views: 10
Improving Coverage Deployment for Dynamic Nodes using Genetic Algorithm in Wireless Sensor Networks
S. Indhumathi, D. Venkatesan
Total views: 17
A Novel Methodology to Mitigate Keyword Guessing Attack using Keyword and Signature Hash
A. Gangaa, Nivethitha Somu, V. S. Shankar Sriram
Total views: 10
Executable Semantics for the Formal Specification and Verification of E-agents
Awais Qasim, Syed Asad Raza Kazmi, Ilyas Fakhir
Total views: 13
Evaluation of Choose Max and Contrast based Fusion Rule Using DWT for PET, CT Images
K. P. Indira, R. Rani Hemamalini
Total views: 14
Scheduling Deadline Constrained Task in Hybrid IaaS Cloud using Cuckoo Driven Particle Swarm Optimization
A. Shahina Banu, W. R. Helen
Total views: 1
DI-ANN Clustering Algorithm for Pruning in MLP Neural Network
P. Monika, D. Venkatesan
Total views: 1
A Meta-heuristic Framework for Secondary Protein Structure Prediction using BAT-FLANN Optimization Algorithm
Kailash Shaw, Debahuti Mishra
Total views: 1
A Machine Learning based Classification for Social Media Messages
R. Nivedha, N. Sairam
Total views: 1



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