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Volume 8, Issue 9, May 2015


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Heart Disease Prediction Using Hybrid Genetic Fuzzy Model
T. Santhanam, E. P. Ephzibah 797-803
Total views: 108
Combination of Citicoline and L-NAME Restores Neurological Functions, Reverts Biochemical Alterations and Reduces Neuronal Damage in Transient Focal Cerebral Ischemic Rats
B. Pramila, P. Kalaivani, R. Barathidasan, C. Saravana Babu 804-813
Total views: 201
An Analysis on Efficient Resource Allocation Mechanisms in Cloud Computing
K. Shyamala, T. Sunitha Rani 814-821
Total views: 281
Upgraded Horizontal Polyacrylamide Gel Units for DNA Marker Genotyping
Prakash G. Patil, M. Byre Gowda, Pavan J. Kundur, H. S. Vimarsha, H. E. Shashidhar 822-827
Total views: 49
Extreme Pedagogy: An Agile Teaching-Learning Methodology for Engineering Education
Manoj Joseph D'Souza, Paul Rodrigues 828-833
Total views: 65
Optimizing Reliability through Network Coding in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Ramin Mohammadi, Ali Ghaffari 834-841
Total views: 61
Chaotic Triangular Carrier Based Non-Deterministic SPWM Strategy for Voltage Source Inverter Drives
P. Arul Kumar, N. P. Subramaniam 842-848
Total views: 112
Analyzing the Effect of Grouping Subsystems for Periodic Maintenance Inspection of Equipment Using Delay Time Methodology to Minimize the Downtime per Unit Time
Babu Chellappachetty, R. Raju 849-858
Total views: 54
Proposing a Novel Method based on Network- Coding for Optimizing Error Recovery in Wireless Sensor Networks
Ali Ghaffari, Leyla Azari 859-867
Total views: 45
A Comparative Study on MMDBM Classifier Incorporating Various Sorting Procedure
P. Ganesan, S. sivakumar, S. Sundar 868-874
Total views: 35
Ant Based Multi-objective Routing Optimization in Mobile AD-HOC Network
D. Jinil Persis, T. Paul Robert 875-888
Total views: 74
Exploring the Relationship between Academic Performances and Brain Dominances
Lakshmi Dhandabani, Rajeev Sukumaran 889-896
Total views: 60



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