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Volume 10, Issue 11, March 2017


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Investigations on the Kinetics of Acid Catalyzed Hemicellulose Hydrolysis Derived from Waste Rice Straw for the Production of Bio-Ethanol
Anuradha Mukherjee, Tamal Mandal, Amit Ganguly, Prem Sunder Ghosh, Pradip K. Chatterjee
Total views: 354
TCAD Simulation and Analysis of Drain Current and Threshold Voltage in Single Fin and Multi-Fin FinFET
S. S. Chopade, D. V. Padole
Total views: 113
Enhancing Oral Communication through Task Based Language Teaching among Polytechnic Students- An Experimental Study
P. Santhosh, K. Meenakshi
Total views: 223
Snakehead Fish (Channa Striata) : Semi-Induced Breeding and Larval Growth
Yulintine , Hendri Bugar, Linda Wulandari, Edison Harteman
Total views: 64
Performance of LTE-A Full Rate and Full Diversity STBC under Real Scattered Environment
S. Patel, J. Bhalani, Y. Kosta
Total views: 64
The Impact of VCOP Technique on Developing the Writing Skills of Tertiary Students in the Indian Context: A Study
Sophia Florence, Akkara Sherine
Total views: 54
Simulation and Analysis of Lead based Perovskite Solar Cell using SCAPS-1D
Usha Mandadapu, S. Victor Vedanayakam, K. Thyagarajan
Total views: 106
Hardware Level Security in e-Wallet: Today’s Need
Jatinder Singh
Total views: 231
Requirement Engineering Model for Web Applications
T. S. Shiny Angel, John T. Mesia Dhas
Total views: 78
Design and Implementation of High Performance Miniature Uniplanar Microwave Low Pass Filter up to 15GHz
Pramod K. B. Rangaiah, H. V. Kumaraswamy
Total views: 175
A Quantitative Morphometric Analysis of Barhar River Watershed of Mahoba district, U.P., India using Remote Sensing and GIS
D. Sen Gupta, P. Ghosh, S. K. Tripathi
Total views: 54
Frequency-Reconfigurable Multimode Antenna for Cognitive Radio
Sharanagouda N. Patil, P. V. Hunagund
Total views: 56
Adsorption Kinetics of Pb(II) Ions from Aqueous Solution using Modified Magnetic Nano-Composite of OPEFB
S. Daneshfozoun, Reedzwan Redza, Dai-Viet N. Vo, Nasser Mohamed Ramli, M. Azmuddin Abdullah, Bawadi Abdullah
Total views: 68
Lean Supply Chain Performance Metrics for the better Manufacturing Process
K. R. Dushyanth Kumar, G. S. Shivashankar, R. S. Kadadevaramath
Total views: 58
Innovation the Key to Success: A Literature Review on Indian MSME’s
C. P. Lohith, R. Srinivasan, Rajeshwar S. Kadadevaramath, S. Shrisha
Total views: 43
A Study on Captivated Capacity of Noise Due to the Designed Models and Damping Materials
V. N. Shailaja, B. Ravishankar, B. E. Narkhede
Total views: 44
Application of “8D Methodology” for the Root Cause Analysis and Reduction of Valve Spring Rejection in a Valve Spring Manufacturing Company: A Case Study
T. S. M. Kumar, B. Adaveesh
Total views: 45
Assessment and Mapping of Urban Heat Island using Field Data in the New Capital Region of Andhra Pradesh, India
Kusuma Sundara Kumar, Pinnamaneni. Udaya Bhaskar, Kollipara Padma Kumari
Total views: 55
Low Complexity PTS and SLM Techniques on PAPR Reduction in SFBC MIMO-OFDM Systems
Burugupalli Kasi Babu, V. Chaitanya Kumar, P. M. K. Prasad
Total views: 42
Secure Communications on IoT and Big Data
Alex Roney Mathew, Aayad Al Hajj
Total views: 81
Comparison Between Multiple Linear Regression (MLR) Model and Artificial Neural Network(ANN) Model for the Lean Practices of Manufacturing Industries (SMEs) of Gujarat
S. Y. Jani, T. N. Desai, P. H. Darji
Total views: 41
PSO-Enabled Privacy Preservation of Data Clustering
G. Asha Kiran, Manimala Puri, S. N. Srinivasa Suresh
Total views: 194
Performance Analysis for Efficient Brain Tumor Segmentation by using Clustering Algorithm
K. Rajesh Babu, P.V. Naganjaneyulu, K. Satya Prasad
Total views: 48
A Study of Climate Change Impact on Precipitation of Sheonath River Basin
Mani Kant Verma, M. K. Verma, L. K. Yadu, Meena Murmu
Total views: 49
Assessment of Performance of RC Beams Strengthened with Hybrid FRP Laminates using Multivariate Linear Regression Modeling
J. Karthick, K. Suguna, P. N. Raghunath
Total views: 51
A Study for Potential Identification used for any Academic Institutions
J. Malarvizhi, S. Thabasu Kannan
Total views: 57
An Efficient Load Balancing Scheme for Cloud Computing
Atyaf Dhari, Khaldun I. Arif
Total views: 315



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