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Volume 9, Issue 18, May 2016


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Evaluating and Orienting the Agricultural Land use Systems to Serve the Land use Planning Progress in Viet-Yen District, Bac-Giang Province, Vietnam
Ha Khuong Manh, Hung Phung Gia, Magsi Habibullah, Hieu Nguyen Nhat, Hao Ou Ming
Total views: 93
Reliability Prediction of Thyristor using Artificial Intelligence Techniques
Cherry Bhargava, Vijay Kumar Banga, Yaduvir Singh
Total views: 63
Performance Analysis of Load Balancing Algorithms in Cloud Computing Environment
V. Krishna Reddy, K. Deva Surya, M. Sai Praveen, B. Lokesh, A. Vishal, K. Akhil
Total views: 66
Conformal Mapping in Mathematical Modelling of Air Flows in Premises
Melkumov Viktor Narbenovich, Chuykin Sergey Vladimirovich, Sklyarov Kirill Ale-ksandrovich, Kolosov Alexander Ivanovich
Total views: 35
Scientific and Applied Aspects of Regulating of High-Viscosity Oil
Alim Feyzrakhmanovich Kemalov, Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Olga Mikhailovna Kornetova
Total views: 21
Influence of Motivation Factor and Anxiety in L2 Learning among Engineering Students in Dharmapuri, India
L. Saranraj, K. Meenakshi
Total views: 58
Comparative Study of Linear and Geometric Nonlinear Load-Deflection Behavior of Flexural Steel Members
K. K. Riyas Moideen, U. K. Dewangan
Total views: 266
Assessment of the Temporal Variations of Surface Water Bodies in and around Chennai using Landsat Imagery
Nikita Roy Mukherjee, Christopher Samuel
Total views: 25
Tool Wear and Surface Roughness in Machining AISI D2 Tool Steel
Nik Faizu Kundor, Norazmira Wati Awang, Nawi Berahim
Total views: 16
An Assessment of Land use Change as Influenced by an Industrial Property in Ewekoro between 1986 and 2015 using Remote Sensing Technique: Implications for Estate Surveyors and Valuers
Olurotimi Kemiki, Jacob Baba, Yekeen Sanusi, James Ighalo
Total views: 19
An Efficient Scheme to Establish Content and Audit Liveness in the Cloud
T. Santhoshi Rupa, K. V. V. Satyanarayana
Total views: 15
High Technology of Production of Bitumen from Highly Paraffinic Crude
Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Alim Feizrakhmanovich Kemalov, Alina Grigoriyevna Maltseva, Van Nige
Total views: 13
New Generation Wave Technology of Residual Oil-Stock Liquid-Phase Oxidation Process Intensification
Alim Feyzrakhmanovich Kemalov, Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Firdavs Abusamiyevich Aliyev
Total views: 17
Estimation of Potential Capability of Natural Bitumens and High Viscosity Oils for Refining According to Fuel-Bitumen Scheme
Alim Feyzrakhnamovich Kemalov, Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Dinar Zinnurovich Valiyev, Vasil Ilyasovich Gaynullin
Total views: 13
Thermal-Steam Cyclic Processing Technology of Development Objects in Karazhanbas Kazakhstan Field
Zhanbolat Armanovich Esetov, Muradin Fayziyevich Turdiyev, Alim Feyzrakhmanovich Kemalov, Ilmira Maratovna Abdrafikova
Total views: 14
Numerical Investigation of FRP Panels Resistance to Blast Loads
Hossein Rezaei, Fereydon Omidinasab, Peyman Beiranvand
Total views: 16
Ion-Beam Treatment of Glass Substrates for Creation of Biomatrices
Ramil Nailevich Kashapov, Elmira Linovna Peres Khusaenova, Ildar Abdulkabirovich Faizrakhmanov, Lenar Nailevich Kashapov
Total views: 27
The Direction of Effective Development of Economy of Nature Management in Russia
Alexey Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov, Arsen Azidovich Tatuev, Violetta Valerievna Rokotyanskaya, Alex Lvovich Kuznetsov, Shahlo Anvarovna Atabaeva
Total views: 11
The Study of Tar Oxidation Process Kinetics of Paraffin Naphthenic Base with Activating Complex
Alim Feyzrahmanovich Kemalov, Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Irek Izailovich Mukhamatdinov
Total views: 11
Obtaining of Bitumen Emulsions using Nonionic Surface-Active Substances
Evgeny Alexandrovich Glady, Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Alim Feyzrahmanovich Kemalov, Olga Mikhailovna Kornetova
Total views: 11
Regulation of Colloidal Structure and Adhesion-Strength Properties of Bitumen Insulating Materials
Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Alim Feyzrahmanovich Kemalov, Rashid Ildusovich Khusnutdinov
Total views: 15
New Approaches in the Interpretation of Magnetic Survey Data during Prospecting and Exploration of Hydrocarbon Deposits
Ilmir Iskanderovich Nugmanov, Bulat Mansurovich Nasyrtdinov, Artur Vildanovich Fattakhov, Ayrat Nalevich Dautov
Total views: 14
Using Distortion and Blocking Techniques for Preventing Association Rules' Discovery
Narges Jamshidian Ghalehsefidi
Total views: 12
Direction of Arrival Estimation for Smart Antenna using a Combined Blind Source Separation and Multiple Signal Classification Algorithm
Anwesha Dhar, Anupama Senapati, Jibendu Sekhar Roy
Total views: 11
A Self-Regulated Module for Vehicle Interior Ventilation System
M. V. V. Prasad, K. Ravi Kumar, S. S. Asadi
Total views: 12
Steppe Ecosystem Functioning of East European Plain under Age-Long Climatic Change Influence
Fedor Lisetskiia, Vitalii Pichura
Total views: 13
Providing an Approach to Locating the Semantic Error of Application using Data Mining Techniques
Abdollah Rahimi, Ahmad Faraahi, Azam Ghaedi
Total views: 10
A Neural Network based Model for Determining Overall Aspect Weights in Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis
Duc-Hong Pham, Anh-Cuong Le
Total views: 31
Evaluation of Adaptation of Resin Composite Restorations Packed using Ultrasonic Vibration Techniques a Systematic Review
Sara Mohamed Hany, Mai Mahmoud Yousry, Essam Abdel Hafiz Naguib
Total views: 9
Comprehensive Analysis of Electrochemical and Structural-Dynamic Properties of Bitumnious Insulating Materials
Ruslan Alimovich Kemalov, Alim Feyzrakhmanovich, Fung Kuok Nam
Total views: 12
Efficiency of Specific Biopreparations in Organic Waste Management
Lilia E. Matrosova, Mikhail Ya. Tremasov, Yuliya V. Cherednichenko, Elena L. Matveeva, Alexander A. Ivanov, Malik N. Mukminov, Arkadiy V. Ivanov, Eduard A. Shuralev
Total views: 22
Trojan Counteraction in Hardware: A Survey and New Taxonomy
Bazzazi Amin, Shalmani Mohammad TaghiManzuri, Hemmattyar Ali Mohammad Afshin
Total views: 20
Current Situation and Prospects of the National Environmental Economics
Yuri Alekseevich Tikhomirov, Alexey Aleksandrovich Tikhomirov, Arsen Azidovich Tatuev, Violetta Valerievna Rokotyanskaya, Valentina Aleksandrovna Budaeva
Total views: 9
Online Voltage Estimation for Distribution Networks in Presence of Distributed Generation
Roozbeh Kamali, Reza Sharifi, Hamid Radmanesh, S. H. Fathi
Total views: 7
Paleocene-Eocene Depositional Environments and Abiotic Events on the Southern and South-Eastern Russian Platform
Svetlana Olegovna Zorina, Nadezhda Iosifovna Afanasieva, Liliia Robertovna Khairtdinova, Vladimir Petrovich Morozov, Aleksei Aleksandrovich Eskin, Galiullin Bulat Marsovich
Total views: 9
Organization of Clinical Trials of Photosensitizer based on 5-Aminolevulinic Acid Hexyl Ester
V. I. Ivanova-Radkevich, E. V. Filonenko, E. K. Slovokhodov, I. P. Smirnova, O. M. Kuznetsova, T. A. Lobaeva, Yu. Sh. Gushchina, Z. S. Khadasheva
Total views: 12
Comparative Study of Algorithms on Class Imbalanced Datasets
R. Buli Babu, Mohammed Ali Hussain, R. B. Babu
Total views: 13
Applying an Appropriate Cap in an Elastoplastic Model with Open Bounding and Yield Surfaces at High Pressures
Heidarzadeh Heisam, Oliaei Mohammad, Latifi Manoocher
Total views: 14
Identifying the Effective Factors in the Profit and Loss of Vehicle Third Party Insurance for Insurance Companies via Data Mining Classification Algorithms
Karamizadeh Faramarz, Zolfagharifar Seyed Ahad, Dastghaibyfard Gholamhosseyn
Total views: 14
The Future Perspective of Technology Trends in Iran, it Trends of the Next Half Decade (the Five Trend of Technology Future)
Jabbarzadeh Eissa
Total views: 13
Simultaneous Extraction of Selenium from Indermediate Products of Extraction Reprocessing of Washing Acid of Copper Production
G. V. Petrov, S. B. Fokina
Total views: 28
Analytical Investigation of High Rise Building under Blast Loading
P. Vinothini, S. Elavenil
Total views: 11



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