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Volume 9, Issue 4, January 2016


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The Review of Soft Computing Applications in Humanitarian Demining Robots Design
Mehdi Neshat, Ghodrat Sepidname, Elnaz Mehri, Amin Zalimoghadam
Total views: 63
Low Power 64 Point FFT Processor
V. Sarada, T. Vigneswaran
Total views: 23
Deadline Aware Two Stage Scheduling Algorithm in Cloud Computing
Indukuri R. Krishnam Raju, Penmasta Suresh Varma, M. V. Rama Sundari, G. Jose Moses
Total views: 35
An Efficient Low Power and High Speed Distributed Arithmetic Design for FIR Filter
E. Chitra, T. Vigneswaran
Total views: 25
Optimization of Building Envelope to Reduce Air Conditioning
T. V. K. Sushil Kumar, J. Chandrasekar, Satish Kumar Moorthy, A. Sakthikala, S. R. Arvind Bharath
Total views: 46
A Review of Scenarios and Enabling Technology Directions for 5g Wireless Communications
Usman Tariq
Total views: 248
Bottom-up Approach of Modeling Human Decision Making for Building Intelligent Agents
R. John Martin, S. Sujatha
Total views: 19
An Error Analysis of Matriculation Students' Permutations and Combinations
Rusydah Usry, Roslinda Rosli, Siti Mistima Maat
Total views: 22
A Voice Identification System using Hidden Markov Model
T. K. Das
Total views: 14
Rapid Mass Propagation of Salacia Chinensis L., an Endangered Valuable Medicinal Plant through Direct Organogenesis
B. N. Majid, K. K. K. Sampath, H. S. Prakash, N. Geetha
Total views: 13
An Analysis of Modern Approaches to the Delivery of Unwanted Emails (spam)
D. S. Silnov
Total views: 22
Optimization of Acid Leaching of Rutile Containing Slag using Factorial Based Response Surface Modeling
Armin Abazarpoor, Mohammad Halali, Hediyeh Khatibnezhad
Total views: 18
A Khattak Approach for Detection and Removal of Black and Gray Hole Attacks in Manet
K. Hizbullah, U. Arif Iqbal, Insafullah
Total views: 16
Antioxidant Potential, Polyphenols and Diphenol Content of Seaweed Available at Veraval Coast, Saurashtra Region - Gujarat
Ajaj H. Ishakani, Nilesh H. Joshi, M. Ayaz, K. Sumara, Kailash H. Vadher
Total views: 10
Simulation and Performance Analysis of Carbon Nano-materials based Patch Antennas
Sandeep Dhariwal, Vijay Kumar Lamba, Ajay Kumar
Total views: 16
Developing a Modified Logistic Regression Model for Diabetes Mellitus and Identifying the Important Factors of Type II Dm
M . Nirmala Devi, Appavu alias Balamurugan, M. Reshma Kris
Total views: 6
Enhanced De-Noising Technique for Region Growing Segmentation
D. Anithadevi, K. Perumal
Total views: 8
Bi-Analysis Recommendation for Utilization of ICT in E-Governance Services for BSNL using Data Analytics
C . Periasamy, N. Rama
Total views: 8
A Novel Approach for Performance and Security Enhancement during Live Migration Untitled
B. Lakshmipriya, R. Leena Sri, N. Balaji
Total views: 12
Predictive Modeling of Student Dropout Indicators in Educational Data Mining using Improved Decision Tree
Subitha Sivakumar, Sivakumar Venkataraman, Rajalakshmi Selvaraj
Total views: 9
Enhancing the Security for Manet by Identifying Untrusted Nodes using Uncertainity Rules
S. Muthuramalingam, T. Suba Nachiar
Total views: 4
Analysis of Process Mining Model for Software Reliability Dataset using HMM
V. Priyadharshini, A. Malathi
Total views: 4
The Health Status Model in Urban and Rural Society in West Sumatera, Indonesia: An Approach of Structural Equation Modeling
Ferra Yanuar
Total views: 8
Production of Medically Important Lactic Acid by Lactobacillus Pentosus: A Biological Conversion Method
Mohammed A. Almalki
Total views: 11
Comparative Study of Different Methods for Brain Tumor Extraction from MRI Images using Image Processing
Neha Baraiya, Hardik Modi
Total views: 13
Rainwater Runoff Estimation using Empirical formulae Computed in C Programming Software for Puriliya District of West Bengal
P. Vijayalakshmi, Prince Kumar Luv, Ankit Kumar Soni
Total views: 17



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