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Volume 9, Issue 27, July 2016


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Construction of Rural Roads using C&D Waste Materials
S. Saravanan, C. Venkatasubramanian, D. Muthu, K. Ramakrishnan
Total views: 13
Classifying Traffic Accidents with Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
Kim Nikolai Vladimirovich
Total views: 4
Managing Dependencies for a Hierarchical Service-based System
Sridevi Saralaya, Rio D'Souza, Vishwas Saralaya
Total views: 2
Multiuser Detection over Generalized-K Fading Channels with Laplace Noise
Srinivasa R. Vempati, Habibulla Khan, Anil K. Tipparti
Total views: 0
Maternity Protection in the Republic of Kazakhstan and Abroad: Comparative Legal Analysis
Gulnar Usseinova, Guma Turysbekova, Karlygash Usseinova, Thomas Hoffmann
Total views: 1
Fast Multi-Object Tracking-by-Detection Using Tracker Affinity Matrix
Kazantsev Pavel Aleksandrovich, Skribtsov Pavel Vyacheslavovich, Surikov Sergey Olegovich
Total views: 4
Methodological Approach to Assessing Performance of the Organization Projects
Elena Valerievna Broilo, Inessa Georgievna Nazarova
Total views: 5
Correlation of the Concepts of Public Communication and PR-Discourse in the Mass Media Space
Yu. V. Luchinsky, Ye. N. Luchinskaya, R. V. Patyukova, I. P. Khoutyz, N. N. Olomskaya
Total views: 1
The Role of Science and Education in the Formation of National Human Capital: Kazakhstani Experience
Saule Koshkenovna Amandykova, Marat Kadyrovich Syrlybayev, Sholpan Altynbekovna Saimova, Bakhyt Omirkhanovich Altynbassov, Saule Zhussupbekovna Suleimenova, Zhamilya Serikbayevna Berdiyarova, Ardak Meirkhanovna Tassova, Aliya Otarbayevna Askarova
Total views: 3
The System of Monitoring Education Quality and Quality Assurance at the Higher Educational Establishment in Accordance with the Criteria and Standards of the Russian Association for Engineering Education
Dulma Tsyrendashiyevna Dugarova, Svetlana Efimovna Starostina, Sesegma Zandaraevna Kimova, Natalia Anatolyevna Kazachek
Total views: 6
Economic-Mathematical Model and Mathematical Methods for Substantiating the Choice of the Company Innovation Strategy
Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Batkovskiy, Pavel Andreevich Kalachikhin, Elena Georgievna Semenova, Yury Filippovich Telnov, Alena Vladimirovna Fomina
Total views: 1
Developing Domestic Food Additive
S. T. Abimuldina, N. V. Koftanyuk, Z. V. Kapshakbayeva, M. V. Temerbayeva, E. N. Zhumankulova
Total views: 4
Component Methodology for Creating and Implementing Organizational Innovations in Business Companies
Aleksandr Mikhaylovich Batkovskiy, Pavel Andreevich Kalachikhin, Elena Georgievna Semenova, Yury Filippovich Telnov, Alena Vladimirovna Fomina
Total views: 0
Multi-Layer Neural Network Auto Encoders Learning Method, using Regularization for Invariant Image Recognition
Skribtsov Pavel Vyacheslavovich, Kazantsev Pavel Aleksandrovich
Total views: 3
Enhancing Recommendation using Ranking in Multidimensional Space
R. Suganya Devi, A. P. Chitra, D. Manjula
Total views: 1
Assessing Role of Gold as World’s Reserve Currency in Terms of Uncertainty
Kulyash J. Bertayeva, Darkhan O. Onaltayev, Aida O. Zhagyparova
Total views: 2
Work-Life Balance of Women Bank Employees in Kumbakonam Municipal Precinct
B. Maragatham, R. Amudha
Total views: 2
Labourers Perspective on Safety and Health Practices at the Selected Construction Sites Located in Rural areas of Tanjore District
S. Arunkumar, V. Vijay Anand, N. Kumarappan, V. Suveetha, B. Toziba, T. Vignesh
Total views: 0
Self-Help Group and Socio-Economic Empowerment of Women in Rural India
R. L. Vinodhini, P. Vaijayanthi
Total views: 3
A Study on the Perspectives of Saving and Spending Pattern of the Petti Shopkeepers in Rural Areas of Thiruvallur District
C. Vijayabanu, C. Therasa, M. Naveen Sharma, S. Saigeetha, M. Pratheesha
Total views: 0
Employee Engagement- A Study with Special Reference to Bank Employees in Rural Areas
V. Vijay Anand, C. Vijaya Banu, S. Balachandran, S. Arunkumar, R. S. Sarayu, J. Hemalatha, M. Shaira Banu
Total views: 2
Financial Literacy and its Contributing Factors in Investment Decisions among Urban Populace
R. Nalini, R. Alamelu, R. Amudha, L. Cresenta Shakila Motha
Total views: 0
Agriculture Yield Analysis using Som Classifier Algorithm along with Enhanced Preprocessing Techniques
S. Nagini, T. V. Rajinikanth, B. V. Kiranmayee
Total views: 4
Effective Utilization of Bandwidth for Mobile Ad Hoc Network
Kaushika Patel, J. M. Rathod
Total views: 2
Rural Healthcare - An Employee Engagement Perspective of Hospitals
J. Swaminathan, K. Keerthi, A. Ananth
Total views: 0
Employee Engagement – A Study with Special reference to Postal Employees in Rural Areas of Thanjavur
V. Vijay Anand, C. Vijaya Banu, V. Rengarajan, G. Thirumoorthy, V. Rajkumar, R. Madhumitha
Total views: 2
“M-Tailing” – The New Buzz Word in Retailing
K. A. Shreenivasan, P. Vaijayanthi
Total views: 0
A Study on Channel Preferences among Urban and Rural Banking Customers
J. Sethuraman, C. Vijayabanu, C. Therasa
Total views: 1
An Empirical Approach to Probe the Relationship between Advertisement and Brand Image – A Rural Perspective
C. Therasa, C. Vijayabanu, V. Vijayanand
Total views: 1
Factors Influencing Purchase of Fake FMCG Products among Urban and Rural Consumers – An Empirical Analysis
R. Alamelu, S. T. Surulivel, L. Cresenta Shakila Motha, R. Amudha, S. Selvabaskar
Total views: 1
Brand Preferences of Rural Customers - An Empirical Approach
C. Vijayabanu, R. Renganathan, V. Srinivasakumar, C. Therasa, K. Bhuwnesh Skanth
Total views: 1
A Study of Marginal Cardamom Farmers Livelihood and Occupational Pattern in Munnar District
C. Vijayabanu, V. Vijayanand, M. Pratheesh, R. Jenifer Rethna Ranjitham, M. Naveen Sharma
Total views: 0
A Method to Detect Data Stream Changes in the Wireless Sensor Network using the Gossiping Protocol
Vahid Fazeli Asl, Babak Vaziri, Reza Ravanmehr
Total views: 0
Gauzy Knowledge Sharing In Conspiring Environment using Text Mining
S. Monisha, R. Saranya, K. Vijay
Total views: 0
The Relationship between the Perception of Meritocracy and Productivity of Education Staff of West Tehran
Hamid Taboli, Ehsan Mahdavi, Taghva Khosravi
Total views: 0
A Study on Entrepreneurial Motivation and Challenges faced by Women Entrepreneurs in Thanjavur District
C. Rathna, V. Badrinath, S. C. Siva Sundaram Anushan
Total views: 2
Scope for Promoting Agriculture Cum Rural Tourism in Thanjavur District- A Case Study
V. Badrinath, S. Agalya, G. Abirami, M. Aarthi, R. Aishwarya
Total views: 0
Secure Data Dissemination Scheme for Vehicular Relay Network based on Predictive Clustering
Prabhjot Singh, Rasmeet Singh Bali
Total views: 3
Empowering Rural Women through Micro Finance: An Empirical Study
S. Arunkumar, A. Anand, V. Vijay Anand, V. Rengarajan, M. Shyam
Total views: 3
Macroeconomic Dynamics on Rural and Urban Household Consumption Divide in BRICS Nations: A comparative study
V. Srinivasa Kumar, R. Renganathan, C. VijayaBanu, V. Vijay Anand, Ram Prakash
Total views: 0
Understanding the ‘Digital Divide’ - An Investigation of Mobile and Mobile Service Usage among Rural and Urban Consumers in Delta Districts of Tamil Nadu
S. Selvabaskar, R. Alamelu, R. Amudha, S. T. Surulivel, L. Cresenta Shakila Motha
Total views: 1
Model of Make in India Possibilities: An Indian Operations Dream
S. C. Sivasundaram Anushan, P. Anbarasu, A. Naveen Jose Antony, K. Selva Pandi
Total views: 0
Techno-Management Perspective of HRIS- An Urban Study
R. Alamelu, R. Amudha, R. Nalini, V. Aishwarya, A. Aarthi
Total views: 6
Mind Maps and Employee Motivation - An Urban Perspective
L. Cresenta Shakila Motha, R. Amudha, S. T. Surulivel, S. Selvabaskar, R. Alamelu
Total views: 0
Mentoring System- An Acuity of Urban Workforce
L. Cresenta Shakila Motha, R. Nalini, R. Alamelu, R. Amudha, T. A. Sanghamithraa
Total views: 0
Glass Ceiling and Glass Escalator - An Ultimate Gender Divide in Urban Vicinity
R. Amudha, L. Cresenta Shakila Motha, S. Selvabaskar, R. Alamelu, S. Surulivel
Total views: 1
Factors Contributing and Curtailing Online Shopping Behavior: A Factor Analysis Approach
S. C. Sivasundaram Anushan, S. Selvabaskar, R. Alamelu
Total views: 0
A Hybrid Algorithm based on Heuristic Method to Preserve Privacy in Association Rule Mining
Narges Jamshidian Ghalehsefidi, Mohammad Naderi Dehkordi
Total views: 0
A Study on Consumer Brand Preference with Reference to DTH in Rural Area
V. Vijay Anand, R. Renganathan, V. Srinivasakumar, S. Balachandran, V. Abarna Vaishaly, S. Sindhuja, R. Radhika
Total views: 1
The Propensity of Rural Customers towards various Retail Format with Respect to Durables and Non-Durables
C. Vijayabanu, C. Therasa, V. Vijay Anand, B. Elancheliyan, R. Yegneshwar
Total views: 0
Applied Aspects of Theoretical Bases of Express Examination in Electric Power Industry
Oleg Alekseevich Zhukov, Vasilii Lakovlevich Ushakov, Aleksandr Borisovich Plotnikov, Tat’iana Vladislavovna Svechnikova
Total views: 0
Creating Distinct Strategies for Marketing Campaigns Enterprise Dadevarzan Virtual Corp
Maryam Parsi
Total views: 0
Fuzzy Logic based Speed Control of BLDC Motor on Sensorless Technique for Space Applications
K. Neethu, M. Boopathi, Giriraj Mannayee, T. C. Kanish
Total views: 0
Anomaly based Real Time Prevention of under Rated App-DDOS Attacks on Web: An Experiential Metrics based Machine Learning Approach
K. Munivara Prasad, A. Rama Mohan Reddy, K. Venugopal Rao
Total views: 3
A Study of Nachiyar Koil Lamp Manufacturers- Business Model
C. Vijayabanu, R. Renganathan, Mohamed Rafaat, M. Manimekalai, V. Pragati Shalini
Total views: 10
A Review on the Development of Big Data Analytics and Effective Data Visualization Techniques in the Context of Massive and Multidimensional Data
J. Jabanjalin Hilda, C. Srimathi, Bhulakshmi Bonthu
Total views: 4
A Study on the Importance of Celebrity for Selected Product Categories in Karnataka
L. Tharak Ram Singh, S. C. Sivasundaram Anushan
Total views: 0
Zero Waste Membrane Technology for Whey Processing
V. A. Lazarev, Ye. V. Pastushkova, O. V. Chugunova
Total views: 0
Development of High Precision Differential GPS System in Kazakhstan
Almat Raskaliyev
Total views: 1
Competency Driven Remuneration and Performance among IT Professionals - A Study in Urban Segment
R. Nalini, R. Alamelu, R. Amudha, R. Gowri, S. Sai Sujana
Total views: 0
Development of Nano-Structured Metals Processed by Severe Plastic Deformation
Sanjeev Sharma, Rudra Pratap Singh, Surender Kumar
Total views: 1
Component Reusability of a Software System based on Cohesion and Coupling
Karminder kaur, Gurjot Kaur
Total views: 3
Hybrid of Statistical and Spectral Texture Features for Vehicle Object Classification System
R. Jayadurga, R. Gunasundari
Total views: 0
Comparative Analysis of Symmetric Cryptographic Algorithms on .Net Platform
B. Nithya, P. Sripriya
Total views: 1
Succession of Business in Russia: Motives for Owners’ Business Transfer under the Conditions of Economic Instability
Julia Sergeevna Murzina, Lyubov Leonidovna Tonysheva
Total views: 2
Investigation of Structural, Magnetic and Dielectric Properties of Terbium Doped Strontium Hexaferrite for High Frequency Applications
Shivani Malhotra, Mansi Chitkara, Inderjeet Singh Sandhu, Naini Dawar, Jaspreet Singh
Total views: 2
Nicknames in Bashkir (Theoretical Aspects of Studying)
Gulsiasak Ahatovna Ashirova, Munir Idelovich Karabaev, Gulfira Rifovna Abdullina, Nailya Azamatovna Lasinova, Gulnaz Abdulchakovna Isyangulova
Total views: 8
Tourism Market of the Russian Federation: Analysis of Interactions between Outbound and Domestic Tourism using Neural Networks
Konstantin Aleksandrovich Miloradov, Galina Mikhailovna Eidlina
Total views: 2
State Space System Modeling of a Quad Copter UAV
Zaid Tahir, Mohsin Jamil, Saad Ali Liaqat, Lubva Mubarak, Waleed Tahir, Syed Omer Gilani
Total views: 6
Rural Customers’ Attitude and Satisfaction towards Honda Two Wheelers and Showroom Services, Tiruvarur
R. Renganathan, C. Vijayabanu, V. Srinivasakumar, V. Vijayanand
Total views: 0
Exploring the Possibilities for Improving the Performance of the Adapters used for Launching Multiple Small Space Vehicles on a Single Launch Vehicle
Viktor Nikolaevich Blinov, Viktor Vladimirovich Shalay, Igor Sergeevich Vavilov
Total views: 0
W. Morris’s Poem “The Earthly Paradise” in the Russian Translation of D. E. Minh
Zhatkin Dmitry Nikolayevich, Milotayeva Olga Sergeyevna, Kruglova Tatiana Sergeyevna
Total views: 0
Dialogical Strategy in V. V. Mayakovsky’s Poetry of the 1920s
Zhatkin Dmitry Nikolayevich, Milotaeva Olga Sergeevna, Kruglova Tatiana Sergeevna
Total views: 0
Development of Methods for Determining Differentiated Rates of Mineral Extraction Tax in Recovery of Solid Commercial Components from Technogenic and Natural Fields
Tatiana Bloshenko, Vadim Ponkratov, Andrej Pozdnjaev
Total views: 0
Formation and Development of Literary Terms in Turkic Languages (Study Background)
Ilzida Gayarovna Zubairova, Gulfira Rifovna Abdullina, Raisa Khakimovna Ilisheva, Munir Idelovich Karabaev, Egor Revolyevich Nikolaev
Total views: 1
A Study on Employee Engagement among the Bank Employees of Rural Area
V. Vijay Anand, C. Vijaya Banu, V. Badrinath, R. Veena, K. Sowmiyaa, S. Muthulakshmi
Total views: 4
Regional Disparities in Public Transport –A Study in Madurai District
R. Alamelu, L. Meena, L. C. Cresenta Shakila Motha, V. Rengarajan
Total views: 0
The Use of Empirical Software Engineering to Solve the Software Crisis
Rahim Lotfi, Ahmadreza Ghasemian Dastjerdi
Total views: 4
Employee Work-Life Balance - A Study with Special Reference to Rural Employees
V. Vijay Anand, V. Rengarajan, R. Renganathan, B. Swathi, S. Udhaya, N. Vardhini
Total views: 1
Brand Loyalty – A Study with Special Reference to Coca Cola in Rural Areas
V. Vijay Anand, R. Renganathan, S. Balachandran, L. Tony Jerry Suganth, Chaitanya K. Sravanthi, R. Kumarappan, Santhoshi
Total views: 4



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