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Analysis of Wear Resistance, Cracks and Hardness of Metal Matrix Composites with SiC Additives and Al2O3 as Reinforcement


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Dr. M G R Educational and Research Institute, Chennai - 600095, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: In modern manufacturing technology, now a day’s metal matrix composites are being increasingly identified as new wear resistant material. The main purpose of this article is to investigate the wear down and depth of indentation of the composite material of Al-6061 alloy strengthened with silicon carbide particulate and supported with alumina particulate constructed by stir casting method. Method/Analysis: The wear down rate and frictional properties of the composite were learned by using the dry sliding wear test with a pin on disk wear tester. The investigation was carried out with 1750 meters of sliding distance and 1.55m/s of stable sliding velocity over different loads by 10N and 20N for aluminium metal matrix composite. Findings: The testing result indicated that the wear resistance increases when there is increase in the load as well as in the sliding distance. Additionally an effort was made by keeping 7% of Al2O3 constant along with increase in 10, 15 and 20% of SiC. It was observed that, the strengthened aluminium metal matrix in addition of SiC and Al2O3 decreases the range of wear rate. Also found that the coefficient of friction increased by means of raising the load and quantum of reinforcement. Application/Improvements: By using scanning electron microscope the wear surfaces were examined and it was observed that the micro and transverse cracks, mild and severe wear occurred in the composite worn surfaces and wear structure of the composite.


Al-6061Alloy, Hardness, Hybrid Composite, Stir Casting, SEM, Wear & Crack.

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