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A Methodical Review on Issues of Medical Image Management System with Watermarking Approach


  • Department of CSE, Jaypee University of Information Technology, Wakhnaghat, Solan - 173234, Himachal Pradesh, India


Objective: The main objective of this research article is to study how watermarking has solved issues evolved in medical management system through various techniques. Method/Analysis: With the advent of technology, medical management system has improved to great extent by sharing medical data for clinical diagnosis, treatment, education, research and other applications. The common uses of watermarking in medical image management system are safe archiving, memory storage, captioning, authentication, controlled access retrieval and effective distribution of information. . In order to conduct the survey, various digital libraries have been explored and research work of last five years is taken into consideration for analysis. Findings: Based on the analysis, the identified techniques have been classified into three main broad categories and few subcategories. The three main categories are: 1. Tamper Detection and authentication/Integrity/Security 2. EPR hiding 3. Hybrid/ all-in-one solution. Novelty/improvement: Later on for further analysis and understanding we have presented the findings in Table 1.


EPR, DICOM, Spatial and Transform Domain Techniques, Watermarking.

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