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Software Defined Networks (S.D.N): Experimentation with Mininet Topologies


  • Department of Computer Science, Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill, Shimla – 171005, Himachal Pradesh, India


Objectives: Traditional networks were complex and difficult to manage. S.D.N is the future of programmable networks. Our objective is to find out how host communicates in realistic networking environment. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In order to find out how actual network works. We have used an emulator i.e. mininet. We have compared various mininet topologies. Finally we have used one of the topology to find out how host communicate in mininet environment. We have made one of host as the server and other may serve as a clients. Client host will request to the server to download particular. We have used the wget linux feature to make this possible. Findings: Today S.D.N has become an important part of networking. So it is important to emulate its behaviour. Mininet provides us with the inbuilt hosts, switches and controller. Each of these hosts assigned with unique IP address. Each host also corresponds to xterm display option. We can use these xterm display to make particular host as a server. Similarly we can use other xterm display for client hosts to connect to the server through wget commands. Our finding are novel because this works has not been done before. The works we have done shows that how client request and how server respond. When request is made by client to download particular file. One of the advantage of using emulator is that, application that works on emulator can be easily deployable in realistic networks. As S.D.N is a new platform so it enable the chances for the innovation of new research. As each past work helps us to make further research. So this work also benefit other researcher somewhere. Application/ Improvements: We can make use of S.D.N in various areas like in campus area, Labs, cellular networks etc. There is always a chance of improvement and betterment, as S.D.N is new paradigm so chances of improvement are much more. As there are risk of security. So there are wide areas of improvements.


Mininet, OpenFlow, Openvswitch, SDN, Virtualization.

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