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Is SDN the Real Solution to Security Threats in Networks? A Security Update on Various SDN Models


  • Department of Computer Science, Himachal Pradesh University, Summer Hill Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, India


Objectives: The concept of Software Defined Networks (SDNs) has changed the way the traditional networks used to function. The security mechanisms for these SDNs are evolving very fast. The objective of this paper is to evaluate existing significant security mechanism and to propose an inclusive secure architecture for this new generation networking. Method/Statistical Analysis: Network security requires a laser focused approach to tackle ever increasing vulnerabilities/threat perceptions. With significant advances in Software Defined Networks (SDNs) research, a number of network threat mitigation mechanisms have been proposed by the researchers. The authors have evaluated these security solutions along the three important dimensions namely area of focus, mitigation solutions and drawbacks. Findings: This paper has attempted to highlight the prevalent threat mitigation strategies, their strong point features and limitations for adoption of a mitigation strategy for corresponding SDN model (s). The study divulges that no single model can tackle all the prevalent security issues and thus there is need to develop a model which can tackle most, if not all security issues. This analysis has helped the authors to propose a generalized rational security model for SDNs. Application/Improvements: This paper intends to initiate a debate in the community of researchers and academicians, to build a consensus on the must have security ingredients of an inclusive SDN architecture. These must-ingredients can become basis of an inclusive SDN model.


SDN, SDN Model, SDN Architecture, Security Ingredients, Security Threats.

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