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A Perspective View of different Techniques Used in Different Phases of Load Testing


  • Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla, India


Background/Objectives: To determine the quality and system characteristics, load testing has paramount importance in addition to the traditional functional testing. This study will be useful for the researchers to detect performance problems under load. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This comprehensive study is focussed on analysing different techniques for designing the load using workload intensity and workload mix in operational profiles as well as use of system models techniques and source code analysis techniques. We compare and contrast various approaches applied in load execution phase and load analysis phase. Findings: To deal with the load related problems and for recording system behaviour, realistic load test cases are designed to see functionality. Load execution testing can be done by human beings, load testing tools and also there is a use of special platforms. After completion of load test, performance analyst use tools to perform comparison against a predefined threshold values. Applications/Improvements: Although there are many existing techniques which shows correlation between performance metrics and anomalies but in practice, valid performance techniques are often limited. So, there is a need to put attention on these issues as a future work.


Load Analysis Phase, Load Testing, Monitoring Test Execution.

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