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Mean-Median based Noise Estimation Method using Spectral Subtraction for Speech Enhancement Technique


  • Department of Electronics Engineering, Indian Institute of Technology (Indian School of Mines), Dhanbad - 826004, Jharkhand, India


Background/Objectives: This article proposes a new noise estimation method which is based on mean and median statistical tools. In this article, the proposed method i.e., Mean-Median based noise estimation method have applied in the spectral subtraction method for speech enhancement technique. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The MATLAB/SIMULINK platform is used for simulating the simulation model of proposed technique. For performance evaluation of proposed noise estimation, Perceptual Evaluation of Speech Quality (PESQ) Score and Simulation time are chosen. Different noisy speech signal and clean speech signal have taken as input signal for proposed model and for finding PESQ score, respectively. Findings: The advantage of our proposed noise estimation method, it does not require signal to noise ratio, Voice Activity Detector, or histograms. This paper is carried comparison results with Modified Cascaded Median (MCM) based noise estimation method and also simulation time for different corrupted speech files. Application/Improvements: As per expected, proposed technique is given better speech quality signal (in PESQ scores). As compare to MCM based technique, it takes less simulation time and also no memory storage requirement.


Mean-Median based Noise Estimation Method, Modified Cascaded Median based Noise Estimation, Spectral Subtraction, Speech Enhancement.

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