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Design and Analysis of Jet Vane Thrust Vectoring Nozzle using CFD and Optimization of Nozzle Parameters


  • Aeronautical Engineering, Vel Tech Dr. RR and Dr. SR Technical University, Chennai - 600062, Tamil Nadu, India


This paper is dealing with optimization of various nozzle parameters (C-D Nozzle) such as Radius of Throat; Divergent angle.2-D model of nozzle is designed in ANSYS 14.5 which is then analyzed with fluent software for exit velocity for various nozzle parameters at the different values. Taguchi design technique is used for optimization of nozzle parameters to get optimum nozzle parameters of jet vane Thrust vectoring nozzle is analyzed for two different operating conditions i.e. one is at standard atmospheric condition and another one is for outer space condition.


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