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Vibration Analysis of Printed Circuit Board Plate with Varying Boundary Conditions


  • MTRDC, DRDO, Bangalore - 560013, Karnataka, India
  • University Visvesvaraya College of Engineering (UVCE), Bangalore - 560001, Karnataka, India


Objectives: The Young’s Modulus (E) plays key role in the vibration response of any structure. Hence its estimate with reasonable accuracy is of paramount importance. The Printed Circuit Board (PCB) used in military application consists of more than 6 layers, with pre-peg and copper composition. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The multiple layers PCB E value will vary from one design to other as it depends on the composition of layers. These PCB plates are subjected to vibration loads – sine, random and shock. A detailed work has been carried out to quantify the mechanical property of Young’s Modulus (E) of the PCB plate both analytically and experimentally. Findings: This E value obtained was used in the FEM analysis (using ANSYS 16) to solve the vibration response of the PCB. The study also includes analytical calculation and experimental estimation of natural frequency of the PCB plate for different boundary conditions. The natural frequency estimation through analytical and experimental methods show good correlation thus validating the estimation procedure of E of the PCB as well. Application: This work gives us a robust method for estimating Young’s modulus of Multi-layer PCB which find application in variety of military electronics.


ANSYS, Natural Frequency, PCB Vibration, Random Vibration, Young’s Modulus.

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