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A Review about the Diagnostics of Rotodynamic Pump using Vibro-Acoustic Method


  • National Research Center of Pumps, Jiangsu University, Zhenjiang – 212 013,, China


Background/Objectives: A rotodynamic pump comprises of axial, mixed and radial flow impeller which are used in various applications such as irrigation, drinking water supply system, drainage, energy, chemical industries and fire fighting, marine and shipboard services. Methods/Statistical Analysis: They form the heart of industrial civilization. Much more development as to be done in design of rotodynamic pumps for the better performance with respect to the system. As the technology increases, the demand for monitoring system for any machines increases to have optimum performance with optimum resources. Findings: In this paper, the vibration and noise associated with centrifugal pumps were reviewed and a method was proposed to obtain vibration and noise from pump to identify the status of pump whether it operates in normal or abnormal conditions. Various locations are identified in the pump to get signals of vibration and noise for further investigation of operating conditions. Application/Improvements: This method will enable the pump user to acquire the vibration and noise signals throughout the running period and to determine the operating condition of a pump with respect to the best efficiency point. Based on the condition, the pump will be redirected towards the best efficiency point to achieve optimum head and flow rate without comprising the efficiency of the pump.


Bep, Centrifugal Pump, Noise and Vibration, Rotodynamic Pump.

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