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Effect of Hygrothermal Loading on Laminate Composites


  • SMEC, VIT University, Vellore - 632014, Tamil Nadu, India
  • School of Mechanical Engineering, VIT University, Vellore - 632014, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: To find the effect of hygrothermal loading on CFRP and GFRP composite materials by finding the properties like capacitance, micro hardness, moisture diffusivity and area of fraction. Methods: Hand layup and vacuum bag methods were used for fabrication of composites. Finding: Three-point bending test was done on each specimen by varying load, i. e, zero load, with 30% load, 50% load and 70% load for different time periods. Micro hardness and capacitance were determined using Vickers Hardness tester and LCR meter respectively on both the composites before and after the thermal treatment. The capacitance increased with time whereas the percentage area of fraction of the fibre decreased. Also, the reduction in strength and damage to fibre were investigated using SEM. It was observed that with increase in %weight gain, micro hardness of specimen decreased. Application/Improvement: FRPs can substitute traditional steel reinforcements in reinforced concrete structures. The continuous loading under thermal actions due to natural environmental factors lead to degrading effect that needs to accurate investigations in evaluating durability of fibre reinforced polymers.


Area of Fraction, Capacitance, Failure Modes, Hygrothermal Loading, Micro Hardness.

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