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Design and Analysis of Gear System for Turboshaft Aero Engine Reduction Gearbox


  • School of Mechanical Engineering (SMEC), Department of Design and Automation, VIT University, Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objective: This paper focuses on the designing and analysis of a gear system for a turboshaft aero engine reduction gearbox considering various operational, safety and economic parameters involved. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Design for the gear system is made in conformance to International Standards. Various design parameters including stresses developed in the system is determined theoretically and experimentally. Gear blank is later optimised and results validated through finite element analysis. Findings: Contact and bending stresses obtained through finite element method for altered gear blank is found to be in acceptance with theoretical value calculated in accordance with standards for high speed gear systems. Influence of pinball region of contact is also determined. This specifically aids in validation of finite element results with that obtained through theoretical calculations for gear blank related optimisation requirements. Application/Improvements: Instead of concentrating on one or two specific stages of design, the process of designing case specific gearing can be improvised by utilising finite element methods at more design stages.


FEA, Gear Design, Gear Optimization, High Speed Gears, Solid Modelling.

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