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Proposed MANET Cluster Algorithm for Stable and Reliable Cluster Groups- Improving QoS


  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Siksha ‘O’ Anusandhan University, Near PNB Bank, Jagmohan Nagar, Khandagiri, Bhubaneswar - 751030, Odisha, India
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering and IT, V.S.S.U.T, Sambalpur, Burla – 768018, Odisha, India
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, IGIT Sarang, National Highway 200,Dhenkanal Khalapal – 759146 Odisha, India


Objective: To maintain a stable structure and augment life of mobile nodes. We tried to formulate an Algorithm to make the network structure more stable and accessible. Methods/Analysis: We presented a method to achieve stability in the network, by keeping the communication between nodes as minimal as possible and upkeep the number of clusters formed. This was simulated by selection of cluster head based on probability weighted node calculation looking for the internal table of a node and records its neighbors. We also tried to reduce the overhead of route maintenance and cluster re-election by keeping a threshold value to determine the failure of the cluster head and choose for re-election. In addition to this during re-election, the battery power was also considered. Findings: We used the routing table information, to design our algorithm to detect groups that are stable over time. The algorithm presented for the selection of head node; we selected parameters such as-degree and relative speed of a node with respect to its neighborhood. To evaluate that the cluster formed is a stable structure, we varied the transmission range, speed of nodes and number of nodes moving towards another node. In an ideal scenario, the traffic flow decreases when there is a communication between the head nodes of the Clusters. With the help of Clustering, the chances of interference is reduced which adversely increases the efficiency and network throughput. Applications/Improvements: The work can be extended to enhance the cluster shaping and enhance the adaptability of the protocol.


Clustering, Cluster Head, Cluster Setup, Cluster Structure, Maintenance, MANET, Stability.

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