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Dual Band Z-slotted Rectangular Micro-Strip Patch Antenna Loaded with Metamaterial


  • University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Panjab University, Chandigarh − 160014, India
  • Chandigarh University, Gharuan Mohali − 140413, Punjab, India


Objectives: Methods/Statistical Analysis: To design of a Dual Band Z-slotted rectangular micro-strip patch antenna loaded with metamaterial. Three MSRR (Multiple Split Ring Resonator, no of rings(N=2)) are used for loading. The structure is having one Z-slotted rectangular micro-strip patch and three SRR at the top, bottom and front side of patch. The entire proposed structure is implemented on a substrate having permittivity (εr=2.2) with thickness (h=2.1mm). Findings: When patch is loaded with metamaterial, it resonates at two bands 4.9GHz and 5.3GHz with a good impedance bandwidth. The electrical size of this antenna is 0.317 λ × 0.3551 λ × 0.0364 λ at lower resonant frequency. The antenna gain is 6.67 dB and 7.53 dB at the first and second band respectively. Thus conclusion is that MSRR improve the radiation pattern of slotted antenna. Application/Improvements: Antenna is suitable for public safety wireless communication system and WLAN application.


Dual Band Antenna, Metamaterial, Rectangular Micro-Strip Patch Antenna(RMPA), Slotted Antenna.

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