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Measurement of Uncertainty Associated with Quantification of Ethephon


  • Department of Quality Control, Pollucon Laboratories Pvt. Ltd., Surat - 395003, Gujarat, India


Objectives: Focus of the Research experiment is to evaluate the uncertainty in Ethephon determination. Validation of analytical method and identify the factors effecting the uncertainty in measurement. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A Titrimetric Method was used for determination of Ethephon content. A certified commercially formulated solution of Ethephon 39.00 % (w/w) S.L has been taken as a sample for analysis. An estimation of uncertainty in quantification of Ethephon was determined by identifying the following parameters, uncertainty influencing factors and its contribution to measurement, Type A Uncertainty (UA), Type B Uncertainty (UB), Combined Uncertainty (UC), Expanded Uncertainty (UE) and uncertainty budget. An Experimentally calculated value of combined uncertainty in preparation of 0.1 N NaOH solutions is 0.132%. A value of relative standard uncertainty in repeatability test of Ethephon is 0.084%. Determined % bias value of test method is 0.06%. An estimated value of combined uncertainty in Ethephon determination is 0.373 %. Obtained value of expanded uncertainty with coverage factor of 2.26 with 95% confidence is 0.843%. Obtained % RSD of Ethephon test result is 0.26 %. LOQ value of analytical test method is 0.36%. A Measured uncertainty value in Ethephon determination is 39.06 ± 0.33%. Findings: This paper produces Technique for analytical method validation and uncertainty measurements in quantitative analysis of Ethephon. Application/Improvements: As per regulatory for laboratory accreditation bodies, it is mandatory to evaluate the uncertainty in measurement. Presented method provides extensive details regarding uncertainty measurements.


Ethephon, Plant Growth Regulator, Uncertainty Measurement, Analytical Validation.

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