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Secure and Efficient Information Propagation using Pushback Algorithm based Routing for Wireless Networks


  • Department of Computer Science, Guru Kashi University, Sardulgarh Road, Talwandi Sabo, Bathinda - 151302, Punjab, India


Objectives: The proposed model is based upon the efficient and secure routing with the amalgamation of the authentication protocol for the realization of the secure routing protocol. Methods/Statistical Analysis: The proposed model is based upon the efficient and secure routing with the amalgamation of the authentication protocol for the realization of the secure routing protocol. The proposed model is aimed at protecting the routing mechanism from the false route injections. The proposed model utilizes the lightweight authentication scheme for the purpose of security enforcement over the wireless network. Findings: The experimental results have been collected in the form of various network and routing performance parameters, where the proposed model has been found efficient and stable in comparison with the existing model. Application/Improvements: The proposed model has been primary improved for the routing efficiency along with the security perspectives in order to protect the wireless networks from the network attacks.


Efficient Routing, Pushback Mechanism, Secure Routing, Stable Wireless Routing, Lightweight Authentication.

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