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Fuel Cell Power Conversion Enhancement using Fuzzy Based Soft Computing Technique


  • Department of EEE, SVS Institute of Technology, Warangal – 506015, Telangana, India


Objectives: The aim of this paper is to minimize power losses of device used for power conversion by new converter topology with the fuel conversion is taken as a distributed generator. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A set of soft-switching techniques is suggested for a full-bridge forward topology. A special modulation sequence is improved to reduce conduction loss whereas upholding soft switching characteristics in a MOSFETs and soft transitions in output rectifiers. Lastly to decrease conduction losses of a devices owing to its fast acting nature and stable operation by fuzzy controller. Findings: In this paper, we have tried to delineate minimization of conduction losses using fuzzy based controller for new converter topology. It will enhance conversion efficiency and voltage regulation. The transformer used to reduce stress on diodes in rectifier and to diminish the circulating currents. The proposed modifications showed an significant efficiency gain under certain operating circumstance. For instance, an efficiency gain of 3%-4% in a power converter with an overall efficiency of 90% provides an enhancement close to a 30%-40% in the thermal management of the power stage and it allows the uses of low cost power semiconductors and Heatsinks. This can be deliberated as an exceptional development to power density and cost of power conversion stage, where as maintaining the simplicity of a full-bridge topology. In addition to, efficiency gains resulted in the increase of fuel savings under operating circumstance by retaining proposed soft-switching techniques. Application/Improvements: The fuel cell applications hold numerous topology and it has a group of DC converters and AC inverters and which are essentially used in fuel cell systems for portable or stand-alone applications.


Fuel Cells (FC), Fuzzy, Power Conversion Enhancement, Soft Computing Technique, Voltage Regulation.

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