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A Novel Approach of Efficient Localization Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network


  • K. L. University, Vijayawada - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Departmet of Computer Science, S. V. University, Tirupati - 517502, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, K. L. University, Vijayawada - 522502, Andhra Pradesh, India
  • Departmet of Computer Science, VIT, Pune – 411037, Maharashtra, India


Objectives: Exact Position detection of moving object is the utmost challenge of wireless sensor network along with minimum energy consumption of network. In past several years many localization algorithms have been recommended to give solution for WSN. Algorithms presented are not suitable for scenario where nodes are moving with constant speed and changing their locations continuously. The presented localization schemes are more appropriate for such networks. We are presenting an algorithm for the Mobile nodes in Wireless Sensor Network. Methods: In presented algorithm, for each iteration we have selected three nodes those are neighbors of each other to solve the problem by co-operative approach. By solving the trigonometric equations to find out the distances among the mobile nodes. Finding: We find out the effective Time period over what ALE of all nodes will be with minimum energy requirements. Optimize Localization point by taking minimum energy utilization with Time period where minimum ALE is found. Improvements: In future the Accuracy and performance are the issues with localization of Mobile nodes. Here with minimum energy utilization and minimum ALE can be achieved using 5 neighbor schemes for localization.



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