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Tuning of Process Parameters of Indexable Carbide Cutters (Milling) by using Taguchi Methodology


  • Mechanical Department, Chandigarh University Gharuan, Mohali - 140413, Punjab, India
  • Punjab Agriculture University, Ludhiana - 141004, Punjab, India


Objective: Increase in production by maintaining quality of products with economical machining processes is main need of industry. A product can be made economical by reducing expenses of machining or by optimum use of tools. So if we use carbide, HSS tools as according to process, we can overcome these obstacles. In this paper we use two types of index able cutters and optimize their results. Both cutters have similar functions such as milling, gangue milling and side and face milling. Methods: Index able cutters are mostly used for bulk production in automotive industries, agriculture industries to produce hubs, brackets, structural parts etc. Mostly two types of cutters TPKN cutter (three edges) and SPKN (four edges) are used. There are used for machining of high strength material like aluminum. Many of the factors affect machining quality as well as the tool life. In this paper we have used to study how different parameters of both the tools affects machining of SG iron with index able cutters to achieve better results with changes in different parameters are analyzed and optimized by L18 orthogonal array with Taguchi methodology. By which we can decide which one of tool is more convenient to use as compare to another one. Findings: In this research we have concluded how different parameters affect SPKN and TPKN tools. Comparison of both the cutters has been done for same conditions of variable parameters. Applications: Machining in gang milling, face milling, side and face milling.


Index Able Cutters, MRR, SPKN, Surface Roughness, TPKN.

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