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Fluid Flow within Radial Micro Channel Heat Sink: A Review


  • Mechanical Engineering Department, BHSBIET, Lehragaga, Sangrur - 148031, Punjab, India
  • Mechanical Engineering Department, Chandigarh University, Mohali - 140413, Punjab, India


Objectives: Micro channels are characterized as stream sections that have pressure driven measurements in the scope of 10 to 200 micrometers. Methods/Statistical Analysis: It is assumed that the present work would provide new direction to the researcher in the field of Micro Channel Heat Sink. Findings: Subsequent to looking into the progression in warmth exchange innovation from a verifiable point of view, the benefits of utilizing micro channels as a part of high warmth flux cooling applications is examined and research done on different parts of micro channel heat exchanger execution is assessed. Application/Improvements: The present condition of manufacture innovation is looked into, taxonomically sorted out and found to offer numerous new potential outcomes for building micro channels.


Fluid, Heat Flux, Liquid Cooling, Micro Channel Heat Sinks, Radial Micro Channels.

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