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Power System Stability for the Islanding Operation of Micro Grids


  • Department of EE, Chandigarh University, National Highway 95, Chandigarh-Ludhiana Highway, Mohali - 140413, Punjab, India
  • Department of EE, PEC University of Technology, Sector 12, Chandigarh – 160012, Punjab, India


Objectives: A different power sources has been used and integrated in past keeping an objective for futuristic control over demand and integration to provide smart Grid. Methods/Statistical Analysis: New Hybrid model is proposed to enhance performance of micro grid. The method involves a controller with load with simple design procedure with numerical terminology. Considering PV panels, various functions express the irradiation at specified operational temperature like VMP; IMP where in order to reach MPPT value, traditional P&O methods require a few perturbation steps. Finding: In addition, Implementation is also done using Pulse Width modulation in converters while switching for utilizing total voltage in a loop. This technique also improves the voltage regulation with less value of THD. The design will be made on SIMULINK of MATLAB and algorithm codes will be written in editor of MATLAB. The result of hybrid model was found to be quite better than the incremental conductance technique in terms of output voltage magnitude and THD content. Application/Improvements: This paper aims at developing a novel technique based on Meta-heuristic approach for improved performance of MPPT method for solar cells connected to a grid.


Incremental Conductance, Meta-Heuristic, MPPT, P&O, THD.

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