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A Novel Security Enhanced Decoder Based on XOR Detection for Optical Code Division Multiple Access System Using Multi-Diagonal Code


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Chandigarh University, Mohali, 140301, India


Objective: The main aim of this research paper is to design a security enhanced decoder based on the XOR logic gate detection technique. Methods/Statistical Analysis: An all optical XOR gate has been designed by using Semiconductor Optical Amplifier (SOA) for the secure transmission in Optical code division multiple access system. Multi Diagonal (MD) code is implemented with all optical logical gate detection using non-linear effects in semiconductor optical amplifiers. To realize the XOR gate, two identical SOAs in MZI structure have been used. Finding: The Non-Return-to-Zero (NRZ) and RZ bit format have been compared and results show that using NRZ bit format the performance is better than RZ bit format and its optimum power comes out to be 0.6mW. A new design of Multi-diagonal code has been proposed by using all optical logical gate detection considering nonlinear effects in SOA. The design has successfully worked at Bit Error Rate (BER) 8.77×10-09. Application/Improvements: This design having decoder based on XOR logic gate utilizing the Multi-diagonal code will have wide applications in military for the secure transmission of data.


Cross Gain Modulation, Cross Phase Modulation.

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