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Android based Solar Powered Automatic Irrigation System


  • Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering, Amity University, Noida - 201313,Uttar Pradesh, India


Background/Objectives: India is an agriculture based country. Agriculture is the main source of food for any country and thus it is important to have a proper irrigation system. Due to global warming and many climate changes nowadays there is no fixed time of rain and the amount of rain so there is a great chance of the crops getting destroyed. Less rain leads to under irrigation and excessive rain leads to over irrigation and both these would result in yield reduction. In this paper we introduce a system which can control the irrigation according to the need. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this paper we introduce a system which can control the irrigation according to the need. This system consists of temperature, moisture and PH sensors which will tell the user about the conditions of the field and according to it the user can control the system. This system is also automatic i.e. we can preset some certain values for the moisture and when the moisture goes below the threshold level the system will automatically switch on the pumps until the moisture level goes to the required. Findings: The system is powered by a renewable source of energy i.e. solar energy. This system is connected to the user by IOT (Internet Of Things) and user can check the status and control the system from the android mobile phone. There is also a LCD which displays the moisture, temperature and the pH of the soil. Application/Improvements: This system can be implemented in farms, parks, horticulture land and wherever there is a need for efficient irrigation system. This system supports aggressive water management for the agriculture land. The design is low power, low cost, small size, robust and highly versatile.


Irrigation System, IOT, PH Sensor, Soil Moisture Sensor, Solar Energy, Temperature Sensor.

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