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Design and Development of Linear Velocity Measurement System using Texas Instruments Hall Effect Sensor DRV5023-Q1 and Microcontroller MSP430G2553


  • Department of Physics, Sri Krishnadevaraya University, NH - 205, Anantapur - Tirupati Highway, Anantapuram - 515003, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objectives: Angular and linear velocity measurements play an important role in monitoring and controlling the speed of motors used in applications such as conveyors, turbines, robots, automobiles and other moving objects. In the present paper, an inexpensive and portable system for the measurement of rotations per minute (RPM), linear and angular velocities is developed using Texas Instruments Hall effect sensor: DRV5023-Q1 and microcontroller MSP430G2553. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A unipolar Hall sensor switch produces pulses when a tiny magnet is brought in its vicinity. These pulses are counted by using the microcontroller in a fixed time interval and number of pulses per second gives frequency or rotations per second (RPS). From frequency, RPM, angular and linear velocities are computed. Findings: The measured parameters are displayed on LCD. The experimental frequencies are compared with the frequencies measured using commercial frequency meter (PHILIPS PM6624D). The linearity in velocity measurement (RPM) is represented in the form of a graph. Application/Improvement: In the present work an inexpensive and robust system is designed and developed for the linear velocity measurement. Further, the system is portable and works on a single rechargeable 9V battery. Such systems can be used in complex environment also.


Hall Effect Sensor, Linear Velocity, MSP430G2553, RPM, Tachometer.

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