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A Study of Traditional and Surrounding Gate MOSFET using TCAD Simulations


  • ECE, Amity School of Engineering and Technology, Gurgaon, Haryana, India


In this paper, Traditional and surrounding gate MOSFET are simulated using TCAD Silvaco and report the effect of multigate transistor. As the channel length of transistors is scaling down, a traditional MOSFET suffers from short channel effects and degrade the device performance. The different parameter such as threshold voltage, area, subthreshold slope, channel length modulation and leakage current are extracted for traditional and surrounding gate MOSFET. The parameters obtained from surrounding gate MOSFET is compared with a traditional MOSFET of the same dimension. The Results show that better performance was obtained for surrounding gate MOSFET. Its current drive capability is more as compared to traditional MOSFET .However, benefits of achieving superior performance with surrounding gate MOSFET reduces in terms of poor RF performance. Hence, this paper concludes that surrounding gate MOSFET have huge potential to be a promising contender to the traditional MOSFETs for making of future generation low-power high speed devices which could minimize the occupied area.


Channel Length Modulation, Leakage Current, Subthreshold Slope, Surrounding Gate MOSFET, Threshold Voltage.

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