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Dynamic Switching Belief Network based on IoT Knowledge Capsule


  • Division of GS, Computer Science, Kangnam University, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: IoT based technology is getting more importance in the internet connected world. To implement IoT system, an efficient intelligent system which can perform the functions better in the communication line should be designed. Methods/Statistical Analysis: In this paper Dynamic Switching Belief Network based on IoT Knowledge Capsule is proposed. IoT based knowledge capsule is defined as a basic structure and Dynamic Switching Belief network system is designed to have functions of dynamic switching, selection, flexible structural reconfiguration and data extraction. Findings: In the experiments, the test of switching mechanism and reconfiguration focusing on switching function was made. The change of network structure is according to the incoming data and Type. As a result of test, we could find that this proposed system works well in the dynamic information environment. Improvements: It can be usefully applied to IoT based information system as an intelligent information system for implementing Smart Home.


Belief Network, IoT, Knowledge Capsule, Switching, Type Matching.

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