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A Study on Choosing effects of the Chinese Mobile Game users using Fuzzy AHP Method


  • Department of Chinese Studies, PaiChai University, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Chinese, Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, Korea, Republic of
  • Commercial College, Jing Gang Shan University, China


Objectives: China is definitely an attractive market for games, but competition is getting more intense. So it is important to analyze what factors affecting game users choosing, and game companies want to succeed here should have an insight about the preferences and behaviors of the Chinese mobile game users. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This study utilized 250 questionnaires from undergraduates, graduates, and employees in Guangzhou city. Based on the established hierarchical structure, design a questionnaire that compares indicators to obtain respondents’ opinions of two indicators. We also used the triangular fuzzy number to express semantic judgment values. Findings: The results indicate that when game users choosing mobile games, more concerned that “Satisfaction”, “Cost”, and “Convenience”. While, mobile game users play games just for fun within the “Convenience” aspect, game users most concerned about timely update the game, and excessive advertising also could have negative effect on game users. Regarding “Price” aspect, game users should be provided benefits that exceed their expectations. While, “Trust” and “Security” aspect were less significant factors when game user selecting mobile games. Applications/Improvements: To improve operator’s business performance, should begin by improving user’s “Satisfaction”, especially to strengthen sustainable developing games and seeking for solution to overcome the commercial advertisement. This explains why the feedback of operators is important in stimulating game users intention.


China, Choosing Effects, Fuzzy AHP, Mobile Game, User Behavior.

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