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Adaptive Modulation with Customised Core Processor


  • ECE Department, SCSVMV University, Kanchipuram - 631561, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: To develop an automatic modulation detection. Methods/Statistical Analysis: A single system having the antenna transmits and receives multiple signals. Autonomous modulation techniques avoid the multipath fading, delay and bandwidth limitation. Transmitter selects the modulation from group based on the receiver location and selected modulation gives maximum accuracy. Findings: This approach avoids the size limitation because of parallel relay terminal structure acceptance. This research work focuses on different set of modulation schemes in virtual logic channel implemented in low power consuming hardware and also be customized. Application/Improvements: Proposed work is a large number low power hardware used in more secured manner.


FL2440, GNU, Modulation/Demodulation, Node/Network Security, WSN.

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