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A Proposed SVM for 3-level Transformer-less Dual Inverter Scheme for Grid Connected PV System


  • Department of EEE, SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: This paper elucidates on proposed SVM for grid connected system using dual inverters to get improved output voltage and better current control with less switching loss and THD. Methods/Analysis: The system incorporates PV array, MPPT and boost converter which multiplies the output of the PV array. The split inductor used in this proposed system, which evades the treatment of the conventional transformer and the stepped output is converted into sinusoidal AC output and which gives better synchronization to ac applications. Split inductor reduces the shoot through problem, leakage current problem, reduces the defeat in the scheme and reduces the expenditure of the scheme. The proposed SVM algorithm is used as PWM controller for this dual inverter. This proposed scheme is simulated using Matlab/Simulink and the experimental outcomes are verified using the dsPIC controller. Findings: The proposed system is used for the conversion of the alternating current waveform and it eliminates the total harmonic distortion. This scheme aspires at reducing switching losses and to switching control easier than conventional system. The proposed SVM controls the capacitor balancing problems avoided by dual inverter instead of using multilevel inverter. Application/Improvement: This method provides improved output voltage and better current control compare to SPWM and conventional controllers. And Total Harmonic Distortion of the system reduces less than that of IEEE standard.


Boost Converter, Grid System, Multilevel Inverter (MLI), MPPT –P and O Method, Proposed SVM (Space Vector Modulation), PV Array, Split Inductor.

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