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Enhancement of Distribution System Loadability DG under Reconfigured Environment


  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: In this paper a comprehensive analysis of DG is done under initial configuration (base case) as well as with the feeder reconfigured environment in order to minimize the losses and to enhance voltage stability index. Methods/Analysis: In today’s trend delivery of power to customers have become a major issue in the field of power systems, one as such solution to this issue is usage of small units named as Distributed Generators (DG) entered the area of distribution systems. Findings: With the involvement of DG’s, a given system can achieve an improvement in terms of reliability, stability and reduction of losses. It just not only by using DG alone will solve the issue, but also mainly we have to focus on its location, size and the type which has to be used. Application /Improvement: For this analysis a standard IEEE 33-bus and 69-bus test distribution system is taken under nominal load consideration and the results are tabulated.


Distributed Generation, Distribution System, Real Power Loss, Reconfiguration, Voltage Profile, Voltage Stability Index.

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