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Simulation of Controllers for AC Microgrid


  • Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, SRM University, Chennai – 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: To design controllers for AC micro grid. To improve battery span, fuzzy control and energy management control the charging and discharging mode of the battery. Methods: A fuzzy controller can be used for the control of battery SOC of the renewable hybrid system and Energy Management Control is also used as above and to improve the performance of the system. Findings: The wind, solar hybrid power system plays a vital role today in renewable energy resources because it uses solar and wind power combined to create a stand-alone energy source that is both dependable and reliable. Conventional approach cannot provide with best way of energy management due to its non-linearity of battery charging process. So modern controllers are used in micro grid for battery SOC control. Improvement: In this work both fuzzy logic controller and EMC system is used for the hybrid system modeled using solar, wind and fuel cell system.


Energy Management System, Fuzzy Logic Control, State of Charge.

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