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Development of VIP for AMBA AXI-4.0 Protocol


  • Department of ECE, DMS SVH College of Engineering, Manginapudi Beach Road, Machilipatnam,Krishna - 521002, Andhra Pradesh, India


Objective: With the recent trend of Intellectual Property (IP) based designs in developing a System On Chip (SoC), it became a complicated task to verify an System On Chip (SoC). In this situation, a Verification Intellectual Property (VIP) is very helpful. Many SoC Projects are following this trend of design flow, which is IP Core based and verification flow, which is VIP based, to reduce the time to release to market and to accelerate the Verification process for SoC. This work focuses on developing a Verification Intellectual Property (VIP) for Advanced eXtensible Interface (AXI)-4.0 Protocol, which belongs to family of Advanced Micro controller Bus Architecture (AMBA). Method: The VIP is developed by using latest Methodology named Universal Verification Methodology (UVM). Findings: The functionality of all the five channels of AXI is verified successfully. Multiple outstanding transaction and out of order transaction completion scenarios are also verified by using Questa sim tool. The functional coverage of 100% is obtained. Applications: The AXI is used as a bus to interconnect the functional blocks inside a SoC.


AMBA, AXI, Functional Coverage, IP, Multiple Outstanding Transaction, Out of Order Transaction Completion, SoC, UVM, VIP.

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