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Study of Performance and Emission Characteristics of a Two Stroke Si Engine Operated with Gasoline Manifold Injectionand Carburetion


  • Department of Mechanical Engineering, Annamalai University, Annamalainagar – 608 002. Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Developed a simple electronic controlled injection system was used in a two stroke single cylinder air cooled SI engine which injects the gasoline in the intake manifold aiming to improve the performance and reduce the emission. Methods/Analysis: The engine test was carried out at constant speed of 3000 rpm at various throttle conditions. In order to get maximum thermal efficiency best injection timing was selected for each throttle position and the results compared with carburetion systems. Findings: The Brake thermal efficiency increases in gasoline manifold injection. However, the NOx emission exhibited a different trend with higher emission compared to carburetted system One of the important features of gasoline manifold injection is it can be lead to a high output power than the gasoline carburetion system. Application/improvement: Under all operating conditions the manifold injection had lower HC and CO emissions than the gasoline carburetion system.


Gasoline, Manifold Injection, S.I Engine.

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