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Legal Status of BRICS and Some Trends of International Cooperation


  • The Department of International Law, RUDN University, Moscow, Russian Federation


Background/Objectives: The authors analyzed the legal status of BRICS (Association of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) in comparison with similar international forums and defined BRICS as an international quasi-organization. Methods: A method of comparative analysis is the primary methodical tool used in the respective part of the paper. The desk research is followed by the analysis of two issues that have not yet attracted specific scientific attention. Findings: While many researches in sphere of BRICS’ activity analyze economic integration, the authors paid attention to the new spheres of cooperation of BRICS States: Outer space activities and Africa as a continent. The authors point out that the fact of all BRICS States being space faring nations opens great horizons for further cooperation. The growing importance of Africa in the foreign policy agenda of both individual BRICS States and the organization itself is an undeniable trend of our time, as well. Application/Improvements: The research results are useful in deepening understanding of BRICS as a new actor in international relations, both generally and regarding these two topics of interstate cooperation (space and Africa).


Africa, BRICS, International Law, International Organizations, Space Law.

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