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Morphonological Phenomena in Derivation Process (as Exemplified by the Bashkir Language)


  • Sterlitamak branch of Bashkir State University, Sterlitamak, Russian Federation
  • Sterlitamak Multi-Disciplinary Professional College, Sterlitamak, Russian Federation
  • M. Akmullah Bashkir State Pedagogical University, Russian Federation
  • Sibai Institute of Bashkir State University, Sibai, Russian Federation


Background: The scientific article investigates morphonological phenomena observed in the formation of new words in the Bashkir language. In addition, the object of morphonology and linguistic nature of morphonological processes are considered. Methods: The article focuses on morphonological phenomena observed in the process of affixed derivation, as morphonological conversion occurs exactly in case of affixation in the structure of motivational word; other methods of derivation also have not remained out of sight. The authors of the scientific article considered the level of phonemes, performing morphophoneme function in the Bashkir language. Findings: This article focuses on morphonological phenomena taking place in the formative system of modern Bashkir language. According to the authors, the following morphonological phenomena types are highlighted in modern Bashkir language: Stem clipping, morpheme augmentation, juxtaposition of phonemes, phoneme alternation. Improvements: The novelty of the proposed method consists in the fact that during the study, morphophonemes, actively functioning in derivation process of the Bashkir language have been revealed. Their place and role in the formation of linguistic units of certain lexical and grammatical group have also been determined.


Bashkir Language, Derivation, Morphonological Phenomena, Morphophoneme, Morphophonology.

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