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Effect of Affect on Mental Health


  • Department of CSE, SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objective: Passive measures of memory are in increasing demand since active measures like EEG, fMRI etc. are not a viable way of cognitive measurement in environments where such devices are difficult to be accessed or for age groups and set of people to which such measures are difficult. Methods: Thus, in this paper, we propose a novel mathematical model for a passive measure of recall memory in children of age group 10 to 15 who are suffering from memory difficulties owing to affective effects. Findings and Applications: Though such passive measures are still abstract, such a methodology can be used ‘on the go’ and such can be supported with the help of clinical methods that support the improvement of cognitive abilities like memory.


Affect, LTM, Memory, Memory Disorders, Memory Loss Causes, Reaction Time, Recall, Recognition, STM, Types of Affect.

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