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Techniques for Optimizing Power Utilization in Data Center Network Architectures: A Survey Report


  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, SRM University, Kattankulathur, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: The Data Center Network (DCN) is the collection of diverse classes of resources providing storage, processing and network functionalities. The technology has evolved to a large extent such that the DCN is capable of dealing a huge quantum of data being used by people worldwide throughout the day. The DCN also produces enormous heat which requires an additional cooling kit to lessen the radiation. The power consumed by the DCNs is more than 1% of the total power consumption worldwide. This survey includes the objectives and the advantages of various methods proposed to optimize the energy utilization in the DCN. Methods/Statistical Analysis: There are several techniques which mainly focused on two main factors: 1. The topology of the DCN; Topology is built by using less number of high capacity routers and servers. 2. Optimized Selection of Routers available in the Topology to handle the traffic. There are technologies which use the resources based on the Service and Traffic Load. The resources which are unemployed are put into sleep mode. Findings: In this study, we presented a survey on various techniques and methodologies that are used to reduce the amount of power consumed in the data centers. Application/Improvement: This survey provides a wide knowledge about various methods to optimize the power consumption in the DCN. It can be referred by those who desire to explore and do experiments with the power optimization of the DCN.


DCN, Dynamic Power Allocation, Energy-Saving, Power Optimization, Recycling Energy, Routing, Topology.

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