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Enhancing Data Privacy in Web Service Composition


  • Department of Computer Science, SRM University, Chennai - 603203, Tamil Nadu, India


Background/Objectives: Various types of web services are offered on the internet, which led to increasing the interest in the area of web service composition by utilizing many available web services. Web services will be acting like as interface for providing cross-organizational collaborations on the internet. Methods: To ensure the privacy of consumer data in cross-organizational composition services where, no proper collection, maintenance and delivery of the sensitive data is available. A framework has been proposed in this paper that addresses consumer privacy concerns in composite web services. This framework provides a technique for privacy policy checking between a user and a service provider for compatible privacy policies. Findings: Web services composition environment are highly computerized, vibrant, and diverse in nature. These attributes provide the high level of risk on the communication entities on the internet. Applications: The structure applies to the Hospital Management System, Which involves three entities called a patient, consultant and service providers. The encryption and multi-level of authentication ensure the Privacy of the sensitive data.


Discovery and Integration, Multi-level authentication, Simple Object Access Protocol, Universal Description, Web Services Description Language.

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