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Dynamic Weight Assignment based Vertical Handoff Algorithm for Load Optimization


  • School of Information Technology & Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, TamilNadu, India
  • School of Electronics Engineering, VIT University, Vellore, TamilNadu, India


Objectives: Consolidating any two dissimilar networks leads to a formation of a heterogeneous wireless network. Vision to achieve distinct networks to get converged such that characterizing of the upcoming wireless networks becomes a reality. This in turn ushers in vertical handoff such that handoff among different technologies is efficient. And at the same time it is so smooth that naming it as seamless is justifiable. Pragmatic consideration of the network characteristics and the dynamics are very essential to choose one of the best available network handoff decisions. Methods: Stating conventionally, when a mobile client is roaming, a single criterion- for example, received signal strength is employed to realize the vertical handoff. But, single criterion consideration is not sufficient and taking into account of other parameters is needed for a proper handoff decision. The present paper puts forth a strong load balancing algorithm M-OPTF that is based on dynamic weight assignment technique for allocation of fresh calls and handoff calls. Findings: In the present scheme assignment of weight factor is done to attachment points basing on the distribution of load on them. In addition it contains a process for handoff decision that takes into account the velocity of mobile node to do triggering of handoff. The put forth M-OPTF algorithm is compared along with Remote Sensing Systems (RSS) and OPT-F algorithm in this paper. Application/Improvements: The simulation results confirm the fact that M-OPTF algorithm apart from balancing the network load it can effectively decrease congestion in network, reduce the number of handoffs that are unnecessary, and increases the battery life time, thus improve the overall performance of the system.


Dynamic Weight Assignment, Load Balancing, Unnecessary Handoffs, Velocity; Vertical Handoff, Weight Factor.

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