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Solving Planar Graph Coloring Problem using Enhanced Cuckoo Search


  • Department of Computer Science and Engineering, LPU, Phagwara - 144411, Punjab, India


Objectives: This paper aims towards giving colors optimally to the vertices of the graph so that graph coloring constraints can be satisfied. Methods: A hybridized algorithm that consists of Cuckoo Search along with LDO algorithm is proposed to show a comparative and more optimal algorithm for graph coloring problem. Findings: Graph coloring relates graph regions coloring in a way so that sequence of coloring will meet with all the constraints of coloring. Novelty: Hybridization of nature-inspired algorithm with Mantegna algorithm finds out the new nest positions when the nest having worst survival rate are destroyed. The Largest degree Ordering is utilized in assigning the color coding to the nodes with the nodes having the largest degree first. The experimental results prove that hybridized solution works well using moderate size and provides another approach for the same.


Degree based Ordering, Graph Coloring.

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