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Operating System of Multimedia Devices in the Educational Process at Moscow State University of Printing Arts of Ivan Fedorov


  • Moscow State University of Printing Arts, Moscow, Russian Federation
  • National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute), Moscow, Russian Federation


Objectives: The relevance of the study is due to the fact that in the course of training at Moscow State University of Printing Arts of Ivan Fedorov in the field of information technology, until recently, traditional PCs with classical operating systems (Windows XP, Windows 7, etc.) have been used. Method: The main methods to investigate and solve this problem are modern information technologies, the introduction of which in publishing industry and journalism calls for implementation of comprehensive training in the learning process, including in the area of system software – the open mobile operating systems. Findings: This article is aimed at the revealing of the latest advances in the field of information technologies which allowed bringing a variety of multimedia devices (tablets, smart phones, etc.) to the market of technological tools, which have gained wide popularity among young people around the world. Mobile multimedia devices are supplied by manufacturers with pre-installed operating systems, which enable users to solve a variety of problems. One of these operating systems for mobile devices is Ubuntu, which in our view is convenient system software for educational institutions worldwide. Ubuntu operating system belongs to the class of Linux-like systems that do not require the acquisition of a license for use in the educational process. Improvements: The article reveals the peculiarities of this operating system and gives an example of applying such system software for mobile multimedia devices that appear in the publishing systems and applications.


Free Soft, Interactive Interface, Mobile Multimedia Devices, Multimedia Equipment, Multimedia Technologies, Open Operating Systems, System Software.

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