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Mechanical Behavior of Ultra Violet (UV) Curable Renewable Polymer/Graphite (PG)


  • Sustainable Polymer Engineering, Advanced Manufacturing and Materials Center (SPEN-AMMC),Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, Malaysia


The mechanical behaviors of the renewable polymer/graphite (PG) films with prolonged UV irradiation exposure were investigated. Renewable PG films were prepared by mixing with varying weight percent of graphite (neat, 10 wt. %, 20 wt. % and 30 wt. %) and crosslinker. Then, casting film solution on square container and cured upon stimulated ultraviolet (UV) irradiation (UV accelerated weathering tester) at different time exposure (0, 250, 500 and 750 hours) was applied. Based on observations, different UV exposure time yield PG with varying tensile strength, tensile modulus and elongation at break. However, the mechanical behavior of resulting PGs gives plateau series due to chemical crosslink and chain scissions within renewable polymer and graphite that shown in infrared spectra (FTIR) of the films. The system indicates that the mechanical behavior of renewable PG can be tailored based on requirements of an application upon UV treatment.


Mechanical Behavior, Renewable Polymer Graphite, UV Irradiation.

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