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Design of Narrowband Band Pass Filter using Open-loop Square Resonators with Loading Element


  • National Instruments, Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore - 560029, Karnataka, India
  • Manipal Institute of Technology, Manipal – 576104, Karnataka, India


Objectives: In this paper we propose to design a compact, sharp-rejection narrowband BandPass Filter (BPF). Methods/Statistical Analysis: The behavior of the microstrip open-loop resonator is observed using full-wave electromagnetic simulations. By adding a loading element at the center of the open loop square resonator we are achieving two operating modes (even and odd modes) exist within a single resonator. Variation of parameters of the loading element leads to asymmetric frequency response used for filter design. The simulated results met all the design specifications of the given band pass filter. Findings: In the dual-mode open loop resonator the even and odd modes (currents are mutually exclusive in nature) do not couple each other and leads to a rejection point in the frequency, which is associated with the even mode. Multiple sections of resonator give the sharp rejection (high dynamic range) after the passband. Application/Improvements: The proposed band pass filter can be widely used in communication system and space technology, especially mobile and satellite communication due to its better performance and compactness.


BandPass Filter, Dual-mode Resonator, Electromagnetic Coupling, Micro Strip Antennas, Strip Lines.

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