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Energy-efficient Electric Drive of the Cableway Supplied by the Minihydroelectric Power Station


  • Department of Electric Drive and Automation of Industrial Plants, Almaty University of Power Engineering & Telecommunications, Almaty, Kazakhstan


Objectives: This paper deals with the problem of power supply of the electric drive of the cableway and its infrastructure provided by a mini-hydroelectric power station in the area of the Talgar-Issyk passage on the site chosen as a result of geodetic studies and satellite images. Methods/Analysis: It analyzes the hydropower potential of this area and offers a hydroelectric unit HU4 developed by MNTO INSET for a mini-hydroelectric power station. The problem is suggested to be solved through the use of internal resources of the regions. The equipment with the economical electric drive was selected for the cableway. Findings: Many scenic spots are located far away from power stations, and to provide an electric power line is not always possible, besides it is also quite an expensive and time-consuming process. The problem of power supply of the infrastructure necessary for recreation and tourism is relevant. The hydropower potential of Kazakhstan is measured at 170 billion kWh per year. However, the southern zone with hundreds of mountain small rivers has a 65% margin of hydropower resources of the republic where it is advisable to use micro- and mini-hydroelectric power stations. According to the calculations carried out in this research, the capacity needed for power supply of the electric drive of the cableway along with the infrastructure of the tourist camp is in the range of 500-600 kW. Applications: This paper will help to solve the problem of power supply of the electric drive of the cableway provided by a mini-hydroelectric power station. At the same time, the variable-frequency electric drive of the cableway will save a significant share of the electric power consumed from the mini-hydroelectric power station.


Cableway, Energy-efficient Electric Drive, Mini-hydroelectric Power Station.

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