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Allocation of Medium Access Order Over Power Line Communications (PLC) Supported on Weighted Voting Games


  • Escuela de Ciencias Basicas Tecnologiia e Ingenieria (ECBTI), Universidad Nacional Abierta y a Distancia. Carrera 27 Nro. 40-43. Bucaramanga, Colombia
  • Facultad de Ingenieria, Corporacion Universitaria de Ciencia y Desarrollo - UNICIENCIA.Cra. 12 #37-14. Bucaramanga, Colombia


Background/Objectives: In PLC networks, the Home Plug for Audio-Video (HPAV) protocol lacks a mechanism that allows optimizing the order of access of the nodes to the channel. The objective of this paper is to propose the use of Power Indexes as a strategy to solve the problem stated before. Methods/Statistical Analysis: This paper proposes two independent scenarios, formed by communications equipment (nodes) in clearly established traffic and channel conditions. The solution to that problem is obtained by using three methods applying Power indexes: Banzhaf, Shapley- Shubik and Deegan-Packel. A comparison of the obtained result is carried out and a Dunnett's test is applied in order to determine which method has a better performance to solve the problem stated before. Findings: The usage of the Game Theory, specially the Power Indexes, is an innovative strategy for the optimization of the order of access to the PLC channel. It is important to state the relevance that the Game theory has acquired as a tool used to analyze complex optimization situations within the communication networks. Furthermore, it is fair to say that no other similar paper has been found in the diverse bibliographic sources consulted. Based on the results obtained by means of the Dunnet test, it was possible to provide evidence that any of the three methods can be considered as a strategy for establishing the order for the nodes to access the channel. Such order will eventually improve the performance of the PLC network (with a 95% confidence). Nonetheless, the optimization method proposed by Shapley-Shubik can be considered as the best method out of the three because it presents the greatest average, and plus, it is the only method in which the difference Di is greater than 0 (Di ≥ 0). Application/Improvements: It is recommended to investigate on alternative methods to calculate Power Indexes that can offer a reduced computational complexity, in order to facilitate its implementation in low-cost embedded systems.


Banzhaf, Deegan-Packel, Game theory, Home Area Networks, Medium Access, Power Line Communications, Shapley-Shubik

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