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Gallant Use of Cloud by a Novel Framework of Encrypted Biometric Authentication and Multi Level Data Protection


  • Information Technology, St. Peter’s University, Tonakela Camp Road, Sankar Nagar, Avadi, Chennai - 600054, Tamil Nadu, India
  • CSE/IT, Karpagam college of Engineering, Coimbatore – 641032, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: Nowadays cloud is becoming the major research area because of the security threats against cloud. According to the reports of CSA (cloud security alliance), much more security issues are related to authentication and improper data security etc. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Such problems can be neutralized by adopting biometric authentication mechanism in a novel way by providing protection in every direction since cloud is a medium where much more valuable computational data have been stored and transferred. Findings: In our approach, biometric authentication has been given a new dimension for the different level of security. And the public key and private key encryptions have been used in combination where data needs to be protected. By merging these biometric authentications along with multi-level encryption will give the enhanced security over the cloud and increase the confidentiality to use the cloud among cloud consumers as well as cloud providers. Applications/Improvements: Implementation of such methodology has given tremendous results over the security issues, authentication issues.


AES, Authentication, Biometric, Cloud Computing, Confidentiality, Data Security, 3DES, Elgamal, RSA.

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