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Video Surveillance for Collision Detection and Traffic Analysis Using IoT


  • Department of SENSE, VIT University, Chennai - 600073, Tamil Nadu, India


Objectives: The main object of this paper is to share information of collision detection, Location of incident, number plate recognition of vehicle and Traffic information to crowd sourcing on map. In this work a car can send video automatically to cloud for multipurpose. Methods/Statistical analysis: In this project video is continuously monitoring in car which is being recorded in car and it is also connected to internet. This photo and video can be shared to other people where this information can be very useful in traffic condition and emergency situation to help other people. Using this information, the response time can be minimizing. Findings: In this system video surveillance and number plate recognition is used to extracting more information about incident in a car at real time. The video surveillance and number plate recognition in car can be very useful. The recorded video will be very helpful to record all the activity surround by car and also can also be very help for proof of evidence for suspicious activity. Application/Improvements: This work can be enhanced by proper sharing resources of camera between number plate recognition and video sharing in real time.


GPS Module, Map, Raspberry Pi, Web Camera.

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