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The Effects of Engagement Factors of Virtual Advertising on Purchase Intention: The Mediating Role of Advertising Attitude


  • Department of Advertising, Namseoul University, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of
  • Department of Advertising, Hanyang University, Korea, Democratic People's Republic of


Background/Objectives: There has been an increasing interest in virtual advertising in a variety of contents. The current research aims to identify the effect of engagement features of virtual advertising in soap operas and entertainment programs on advertising attitude and purchase intention. Methods/Statistical Analysis: Data was collected from a group of 234 subjects who had experienced virtual advertising and analysis of covariance was conducted to the collected data. Findings: It was found that all the engagement features – visibility, amusement and usefulness – had a positive effect on advertising attitude. Second, visibility and usefulness exerted a positive influence on purchase intention. Third, attitude towards virtual advertising had a positive effect on purchasing intention. Finally, visibility and usefulness had a partial mediating effect, while amusement had a complete mediating effect. Improvements/Applications: The findings of the present research are expected to provide suggestions to find a way to enhance the effect of virtual advertising.


Advertising Attitude, Advertising Effects, Engagement, Purchase Intention, Virtual Advertising.

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