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Study to Opinion on For-Profit Hospital Corporation between Medical Beneficiary and Supplier


  • Department of Dental Hygiene, Sunmoon University, Korea, Republic of
  • Department of Dental Hygiene, Kangwon National University, Korea, Republic of


Objectives: The research was performed to verify the positive and negative factors of medical institutes and provide proper alternatives, by analyzing the cognition on industrialization of health care. Statistical Analysis: The public perspective as medical beneficiary and the perspective of medical institutes as medical supplier were examined through frequency and percentage methods. The general characteristics on agreement-disagreement of establishment of for-profit hospitals were examined and calculated on the basis of Chi-squared test and Fisher’s Accuracy Test, and they were examined through factorial analysis on 24 questions. This study counted 100 samples may be considered that this condition is well satisfied. Findings: This research was performed on 100 personnel serving in health and medicine area in general hospital, their opinions on the permission of for-profit hospital under the circumstances of opening of medical market due to medical industrialization and on their proposals on the issue. First, both male and female respondents answered with higher rate of disagreement and especially the occupational cluster of assessor of National Health Service, medical technician, hospital management and administration personnel showed relatively higher opinion of disagreement. Second, the opinion of agreement on for-profit hospital in the public perspective as medical beneficiary was shown higher in ‘Accessibility of social group with vulnerable/insufficient use of medical services’ and the opinion of disagreement was shown higher in ‘Rich-poor gap in use of medical services’. Third, the opinion of agreement on for-profit hospital in the perspective of medical institutes as medical supplier was higher in the item of ‘Possibility of bankruptcy due to management aggravation of domestic small and medium hospitals’, and the opinion of disagreement. Improvements: Research had the limitation to perform a survey on foreign hospitals which are the further competitors in case of opening medical market; further supplementary researches are considered to be necessary.


Health Service, Medical Beneficiary, Medical Institutes, Medical Supplier, Profit Hospital.

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