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The Example of Cope with the Unexpected Accidents using by Vision System in Automation Facility


  • Department of Mechanical Design, INHA Technical College, Incheon 402-752, Korea, Republic of


Background/Objectives: This study is presented a method for making the SMART EMS to complement the disadvantages over the conventional chain and phase of the EMS. Methods/Statistical analysis: Conventional methods are intended to be laid as the material and the product on the conveyor and the processing assembly carried continuously. Moving from higher place to lower place and vise verse becomes a major accident occurs where the discovery of the administrator cannot be achieved thereby a loss in this process is enormous, and its causes are also took considerable time to find out a cause. Findings: This study is the Industrial Estate Authority of on-site customized technology development. The production history of sudden crashes and crash load of automobile production plant will be within the automated system. The development of wireless transmission to the manager in real time could be assessed immediately the automatic conveyor to the situation. Sound possible with the conveyor and the impact sensor and the real-time image recording apparatus. Improvements/Applications: For the research purpose, the development of a radio transmitter to send an image to install and to solve the various problems is described. The system is referred Smarrol.


Automatic, Conveyor, Electronic Mono Rail System (EMS), Manufacturing, Recording, Video.

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